Raise a daughter who does not let herself be collapsed by anyone

It’s time to teach girls to think critically and emotionally intelligently from a young age.

Women live under many pressures. Society expects too much from us but when we are “too much”, it looks at us as if we were crazy.

The stereotype of a strong woman is full of prejudices. On the one hand, they applaud us for being intelligent and ambitious but on the other, they see the demand or the need to “break the mold” as a condemnation that will make us miserable for the rest of our lives.

It is time to teach our daughters that none of this is true; being a strong woman is not a whim, it is necessary.

Raise a daughter who does not let herself be collapsed by anyone, who is independent and above all, who is emotionally intelligent.

Your daughter, your niece, or any little girl who is close to you will need a role model, a strong woman who teaches her that she should not leave anyone.

It is not that there is a manual on how to properly educate girls but the way in which the world is moving, demands much more resilient teaching and focused on emotional intelligence so that when they grow up, they know their value and realize that they do not need anyone to save or maintain them.

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Critical thinking

Since we were children we have learned that we need the help of someone else to be able to solve our problems, especially if it is something mechanical or strength. However, it is time to teach the new generations of girls that being a woman is not a limitation in any sense. When your daughters are struggling, the best way to start teaching them about critical thinking is to engage them and teach them what to do if something like this happens again. If they broke their toy, impel them to repair the broken pieces. This small act will help them later when faced with critical situations in their relationship, workplace, or business.

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Give him authority over his own body.

It is important to teach girls that they own their body and that they can do with it whatever they want, as long as they are safe and sound. This is to start letting them wear the clothes they want, without imposing a style on them because we believe it is the best for them. Girls can start deciding whether they want to wear a dress or pants. Little by little they will be sure that they are right in their choices, their own body tells them. To intervene with imposition is to scourge their self-confidence. Your praise should focus solely on your daughter’s appearance. Teach him that bodies come in different shapes and sizes.

Teach him that it’s okay to say no

In fact, it is very necessary to say no when we do not feel safe or comfortable with something. many of us grew up with the idea that saying “no” means being impolite but growing up, this could lead us to have problems when we face others. Learning to say no is one of the most powerful things you can teach your child to break this pattern. Social pressure will always exist and at some point, she will feel compelled to accept something she doesn’t want and that may threaten her integrity. You may have to say it more than once. You may have to say it louder. But that’s okay, and there’s no shame in that small but powerful word.

True love is not as depicted in fairy tales.

One of the toughest lessons to teach a girl, after all, will grow with the stories of The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and all those princesses who found love in an enchanted prince, without questioning anything. But love is hard work and even if someone says they had a “love at first sight”, the rest had to be an effort of two. The most valuable thing a girl can learn is that love is beautiful but people change, as do circumstances and it takes an evolving door of commitment and trust to find what we call true love. You don’t have to follow any pattern or meet other people’s expectations.

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