Scandifornian style, the new trend of Nordic interior design to decorate your home

Nordic and Scandinavian style decoration has become a favorite of interior design lovers, and thanks to this over the years it has been mixed with other styles of decoration such as “japandi”, which fuses the simplicity of Japanese decoration with the Scandinavian style. But the most recent style of decoration that has made everyone fall in love is the “Scandifornian”, a mix between Californian style and Nordic décor. Read on to learn all about this new decorative style and how to apply it to your home.Nordic and Scandinavian décor will never go out of style.

© Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / Getty Images Nordic and Scandinavian décor will never go out of style.

A timeless style

Nordic and Scandinavian décor has become the basis of many styles of home décor thanks to the minimalism and comfort it brings. This style of decoration has become a trend thanks to its many variations that combine Scandinavian bases with a wide variety of styles such as hygge and boho. But this only proves that the Scandinavian style will never go out of style.

The mixture and fusion of decorative styles has become the best way to adapt interior design to personal tastes.

Creative © Studio / Getty Images 

The mixture and fusion of decorative styles have become the best way to adapt the interior design to personal tastes.

Merging interior design

The mixing and fusion of decorative styles is nothing new as it all depends on personal tastes. However, there are fusions that have been liked so much that they have become decorative trends. Scandifornian is an example of a fusion that has won the hearts of many as it perfectly combines representative Scandinavian minimalism and bohemian Californian style. The distinctive features of this interior design trend are the bright interiors, the bohemian details, and the incorporation of accents of the 70s.

Another special feature of the scandifornian is that it highlights the decoration with unique pieces such as beautiful glass vases or antique books. This has been one of the factors that have made this trend stand out since it arises at a time when buying second-hand and buying sustainably is the best option for all lovers of design and decoration.White will become your best ally for decoration.

© gadost / Getty Images White will become your best ally for decoration.

Transform your home with the scandifornian style

We must remember that the best part of decorative trends is that they can be adapted to personal styles and create new variations. However; there are several interior design keys that will help you transform your home and decorate it in the scandifornian style. These are the 8 most important keys:

White as a base

The use of the white color on the walls and in the decoration is the most important feature of this style of decoration since it brings luminosity to the space and is the perfect background color for the rest of the natural materials that complete the decoration. If you are not convinced by the color white, you can also try beige and cream.Break minimalism with touches of color and natural fibers.

Creative © Studio / Getty Images Break minimalism with touches of color and natural fibers.

Touches of minimalism

The scandifornian is not exactly a minimalist style, but it does not become maximalist either, so you have to maintain a dose of minimalism,but to break with the monotony of minimalist interiors this style plays with various textures and organic touches of color that make it stand out from the rest.

Moving away from the modern

Refined lines and spaces are key to achieving this style, however, it is not achieved with simple and modern furniture since the scandifornian style seeks to play with vintage furniture looking for the clean and straight strokes, which are characteristic of the Mid Century style. That’s why you can rescue old vintage pieces that fit perfectly with the setentero spirit of the Californian style.Decorate with natural fibers and organic materials to achieve the scandifornian style.

© Yuliia Karpyshyn / Getty Images Decorate with natural fibers and organic materials to achieve the scandifornian style.

Taking advantage of natural fibers

Natural wood, cork, stone, plants, ceramics, rattan, wicker, and warm textiles such as wool and linen will become your best allies to transform your home since, in addition to being 100% natural and eco-friendly fibers, they stand out against the characteristic white of the scandifornian. In addition, these fabrics will add a plus of warmth to the spaces that stand out in the Californian style.

Decorate with organic elements

In addition to natural fibers, in this style of interior design, it is important to decorate with organic elements such as dried leaves, dry nature, pampas, and even bamboo. With the organic decoration a homely, warm, and boho feeling is provided that combines the best of both styles.

Light wood is ideal for the Scandifornian.

© FollowTheFlow / Getty Images Light wood is ideal for the Scandifornian.

Exposed natural wood

As we already mentioned, natural wood is a must to decorate in the scandifornian style since it becomes the main element of the spaces. The secret is that the wood has to be blonde or clear like pine, oak, or eucalyptus since in addition to being an eco-friendly element, it does not break with the harmony of the warmth of this aesthetic.

Clean and aesthetic lines

The cleanliness and geometry in the lines are some of the characteristics inherited by minimalism and is one of the most representative within the Scandinavian style. In the scandifornian this style key has also been applied since it is intended to create wide spaces, very fluid and without visual ‘noise’. The important detail, in this case, is that spatial minimalism is broken by details such as natural fibers or warm colors.You can incorporate color accents into your décor.

© Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / Getty Images You can incorporate color accents into your décor.

Incorporate a sober color palette

Although white is the color of the main paint and natural fibers provide warm tones, the scandifornian style can also be modified by touches and accents of color. If you decide to add color to the mix, be sure to choose a chromatic palette in warm or muted tones. You can also experiment with pastel tones and even coffees.

The scandifornian style is based on creating warm, simple spaces that fill a home with peace and harmony but also feel homely, so with these keys, you can now incorporate it into your home to create your perfect style of decoration.

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