Scientists have proved: on what days of the week gifted children are born

It turns out that parents can know in advance how brilliant their child will be. To do this, it is enough to know only the day of the week on which he was born.

They say that science is our everything. So, Moscow scientists managed to identify an unusual pattern. They found out on which days of the week talented people are most often born, and were also able to explain their theory and give its justifications. To do this, they studied the dates of birth and fate of 727 geniuses from different professions, industries, and eras.

Thus, a certain pattern was revealed. The results of the study cite an impressive theory – geniuses are born in the afternoon of Tuesday, as well as the first half of the day of Wednesday and Saturday. The most rarely gifted children are born in the second half for Wednesday and Sunday. It turns out that it is not enough to come to this world on a certain day of the week, it is also important the time of birth of the baby.Peter I

So, scientists cite the facts – in the afternoon of Tuesday, such talented people as Aivazovsky, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Leo Tolstoy, Chaplin, Gagarin, and Byron were born. In the morning of Wednesday — Catherine II, Peter I, Kuprin, Balzac, Nietzsche, Mayakovsky.

How does this explain?

This is influenced by fluctuations in the activities of flares in the sun. They have a great impact on our entire planet and the people living on it. So, when strong flares occur in the sun, the radiation background of the planet is greatly increased. This affects the mental inclinations of children born during this period. It also provokes exacerbations of various diseases in other people and the emergence of various kinds of cataclysms on the planet.

Such results of the study leads the leading engineer of the Central Aerohydrological Institute Evgeny Vinogradov, who talked with the publication “MK”. The scientist was able to calculate changes in the frequency of the strongest solar flares during different days of the week. Incredibly, they almost completely coincided with the frequency of births of talented people born at this time.

By the way, Vinogradov also managed to find out the months in which geniuses are born. According to scientists, talented people are most often born in winter, namely in February. In such conclusions, the engineer came, again, studying the fluctuations of flares in the sun.on what days of the week gifted children are born

Earlier, we also cited the opinion of British scientists on the topic of in what period geniuses are born. They even published specific dates, but not everyone agreed with this theory.

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