Seven mistakes to avoid when you want to warm up

The cold, the greyness, and sometimes the snow, have definitely made a comeback. You have taken out the sweaters, the XXL scarf and you are seriously thinking about putting on your gloves. To combat the drop in temperatures, everyone goes about their little habit. Except that some do not accomplish the task, or even cause the opposite effect. Follow the guide to warm up and avoid the good old winter cold.

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For your health, alcohol is maximum 2 drinks a day, and not every day

Drinking too hot

To cope with the falling temperatures, there is nothing like dipping your lips in a good hot chocolate. Error. For a very short period of time, precisely when we enjoy our Viennese chocolate, the body actually experiences a feeling of warmth. But it does not last, on the contrary. “The body must maintain a constant temperature. Faced with hot or cold, he struggles to rebalance it. Thus, when you absorb a boiling drink, the body sweats and cools down,” explains Thomas Kassab, doctor of pharmacy. The solution? Opt for temperate drinks, such as warm herbal teas, or let your soup sit slightly before dinner.

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Taking hot baths

Who doesn’t dream, on returning from a day’s work, of immersing themselves in a steaming bath and staying there for an hour? At the risk of disappointment, the gesture is ineffective. “Like hot drinks, the body will warm up at the moment but cool down at the exit,” recalls the professional. In conclusion, the mixer is set to an average temperature.

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Eating too much fat

It is often thought that high-calorie dishes warm the body in winter. Wrongly, “unless you are a polar bear,” jokes the pharmacist. Not to mention that fat will slow down and disrupt digestion. “To increase body temperature, it is essential to improve blood circulation to bring heat to the extremities. Choose spices, such as ginger, an aphrodisiac that will warm your nights at the same time. Gingerbread and garlic are also excellent foods for good circulation.”

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Drinking alcohol

Does the traditional glass of mulled wine in the middle of winter really raise the temperature? Unfortunately not. “Some types of alcohol dilate the blood vessels, which will let the cold penetrate more easily. In addition, alcohol simply moves internal body heat to the surface of the body, hence the phenomenon of red cheeks, “says Thomas Kassab. This sensation will cease as soon as the dilation is finished and the feeling of cold will be even more intense.

Do not ventilate your apartment

True, it is -5°C outside, but that’s no reason to leave your windows closed for three months. As in summer, it is essential to ventilate the living rooms. “Opening the windows for five or ten minutes won’t lower the thermometer and won’t make us sick either. It’s being confined with other people in an enclosed place that promotes the development of microbes much faster, not the cold.” Clearly, we air every day for about ten minutes.

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Wear only one very warm garment

“I should have put on a bigger sweater,” you said, shivering at the bus stop. Think again, it’s not the size that counts. It is better to superimpose thinner materials than to wear only a T-shirt and a large down jacket. “You have to accumulate layers of clothing. This creates air spaces, which protects the body from entering the cold. I recommend at least three layers, “advises the professional. On the fabric side, cotton is the skin’s best friend since it allows it to breathe and not sweat, unlike synthetic materials. For other layers, wool, velvet or cashmere will allow you to spend a mild and warm winter.

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Increase the heating to sleep

Heating is the false friend of sleep. By increasing the power, we will risk waking up several times in the middle of the night. In addition, it promotes thermal shock at the time of leaving the chamber as soon as you wake up. “To sleep well, the room must not exceed 19 degrees,” says Thomas Kassab. For the big chilly, it is better to multiply the thin blankets, rather than sneaking under a large duvet.

*Originally published in December 2016, this article has been updated.

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