Short cut, damaged tips… 5 Things Your Hair Says About You

Your hair can reveal a lot about your personality or give a certain image of yourself to others. We explain everything to you.

I love short cuts

The shortcut is the one that clears the face the most and highlights all its aspects, even its small defects. To wear shorts is to assume 100% with others and this is often perceived as a sign of maturity. Indeed, long hair is often associated with a youthful image of the woman. Many stars have gone to court after being locked into a childish or overly glamorous role. We think in particular of Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, or Kristen Stewart.

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I’m afraid to cut my lengths

This fear of cutting every inch of hair transcribes the image of someone who is frightened by change. Because radically changing the cut also means leaving aside a certain self-image and it can be scary for some. Hiding behind long hair can also be a sign of shyness, and give the image of someone who does not have much self-confidence. Our advice: subtly transform your cut by asking your hairdresser for advice.

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I want my hairstyle to be perfect

Impeccable blow-drying, glossy fastener, zero frizz… You can’t stand that your hairstyle is not pulled to four pins, out of the need for control, and this can give an overly strict image of you and show you as someone cold or inaccessible. Conversely, if your hair is neglected or in battle, it can give an image of someone who can not manage his time well and who does not take enough account of the look of others.

I change my head all the time

You need to constantly change your hair color, you want to have long hair as soon as you go too short or cut everything when your hair is long? This mania of constantly wanting to change your image can give the impression that you are an unstable person who may lack maturity. Our tip: ask a hairdresser for advice to help you find the cut that will best highlight your face.

Số Ba, Vàng, Tóc, Tỏa Sáng

My hair is damaged

Whether after a discoloration, a holiday at the sea, or a change of season, it happens that the hair lacks tone and is a little rough on the lengths and tips. The only catch is that dry, dull, and slender hair can undermine your face and show you as someone tired or stressed. Our advice: do not hesitate to cut damaged lengths and to carry out revitalizing treatments at home or in the salon.

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