Should a woman earn herself? Men’s opinion

Whoever is stronger (and richer) is right? We understand who is the owner of the house.woman, finance, credit card

Often in marriage, partners eventually cease to enjoy each other, figuring out who owes whom and who pays for what. For some reason, in Russia, the opinion is rooted that a man should support his woman – and if a wife for some reason gets more than her husband, this is perceived as nonsense. Relatives immediately begin to predict a quick divorce, and many women gradually “bury” their talent and stop developing, thinking that this is the only way they will be able to save the family and raise children with dignity.

Speaking of the latter. Another burning topic is about who should spend more time with the child, but we will return to it next time (while you can familiarize yourself with the methods of raising mothers from China and, most likely, you will be stunned).

Why in our country is it considered normal when a woman is on the full maintenance of a man? This theory can be called a post-Soviet relic because it was then that a misunderstanding of gender equality was literally hammered into the minds. Marriage was considered a union with a clear delineation of duties – a man works and earns, but a woman gives birth and raises children. Women’s work was perceived as a kind of hobby, but not in any case as a way of supporting the whole family.

Remember the plot from the film “Moscow does not believe in tears”, when Alexandra asks Gosha how much, in his opinion, her mother earns. He confidently replied: “Well, less than mine.” At the same time, the screen hero adds: “a man is a breadwinner in the family, he must earn more, and this is absolutely normal.” In other words, he does not even allow the option that a woman can provide for the family and confident steps to go up the career ladder.

Of course, now times have changed, but still, most families live on a patriarchal principle. And if at some point a woman begins to pull on herself all financial obligations, public pressure is connected.

“Why do you need it, so lazy!”, “I would have found another, richer one long ago, and I would have lived peacefully, changing one beauty salon for another,” the girlfriends from both sides echo at any opportunity.

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And what is it like for a man? Friends immediately write him in the rank of losers and henpecked. But no one thinks about why a woman should refuse a good position in favor of others if she just manages to make a career. And vice versa: can’t a man cook and do chores around the house, if he enjoys raising children and meeting his wife from work, setting the table?

We found on the forums some interesting male opinions that will help to understand the burning question of why it is believed that only a man should support a woman and not in any case, not vice versa.

«I did come to that conclusion. Both husband and wife must work. Keep it together then. The super-patriarchal option is bad for two reasons. First, everyone can die, and if the husband dies, and the wife does not learn to do anything, then this is very bad. “Hello, poverty” or the waste of all that has been acquired. Secondly, a person sitting at home and doing nothing degrades,”says a user with the nickname Tristan.

«I’ve been to history classes sometimes, and everybody knows the pressure their wives put on the rulers. In fact, what we have, we have. Now many women earn more than their husbands, husbands often live on the living space of their wives. You tap your fist on the table… Tomorrow you will knock on the front door to the hut, only from the street,“the user with the nickname Alexander shared his fears.

«Because it’s a natural, millennia-old state of affairs. It surprises you that the males of some birds feed the chicks and the female? Personally, I don’t,”said the History Teacher.

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