Six foolproof tips to master the art of kissing

Singles have been forced to put their love life on hold during the covid-19 lockdown period, i.e. since March 2020. A study commissioned by the EXTRA Gum brand found that more than half (57%) of the 2,000 Britons surveyed admitted to losing all confidence in their ability to kiss. Worse, 84% of respondents said they are now anxious about dating as restrictions ease and bars and restaurants reopen.

So what can singles do to regain confidence in their French kiss technique? Alix Fox, relationship expert, award-winning author, host, sex educator, and consultant for the script for Netflix’s hit TV series, Sex Education, shared her top tips for mastering the perfect kiss.

1. Avoid the slot and diving

“You have to avoid the slot and the dive. You don’t have to feel like your tongue is a steak and your partner is a vampire,” Fox insists. “I think some people think that if they give a sudden, energetic kiss or sweep their lover out of their tongue, that’s okay; but it’s more likely to send him running in the opposite direction. »

2. Avoid “hamburger lettuce”

“You’ll also want to avoid what I call hamburger lettuce. You know, that piece of greenery in a cheeseburger, which is always wet, soft, and uninterintering. You don’t want your kisses to be like that! ” she jokes. “If there is too much saliva and drooling, gently retreat, maintain sexy and sensual eye contact while you swallow.”

3. Avoid the “awful secret”

“The type of kiss I prefer the least is probably the awful secret. It is called so because the person trying to kiss is very silent as if he has something to hide from me. I had kisses where I had the impression, by slipping my tongue, to try to pass a very large package through a very small mailbox! You can relax your jaw a little. You don’t want to seem to have tetanus… just enough for your partner to gently feel your breathing,” explains the French kiss specialist.

4. Practice echo (be attentive to the rhythm of the other)

“A delicious method of kissing, especially for that first kiss, is called echo,” the expert said. “Not sure how strong or gentle your lover likes to be kissed? Do you want the amount of language and the rhythm to be perfect? So listen to his movements and echo them. It’s about paying attention to someone else’s body language, not just listening to what you want to do. »

man and woman kissing under umbrella photo

5. Kisstorical

“You could try a ‘kisstorical’ be cottage inspired by history,” notes the deep kiss coach. “One of the earliest descriptions of a kiss is found in the Sanskrit epic text, The Mahabharata. It contains the following sentence: “She brought her mouth closer to mine and produced a sound that caused pleasure in me.” You don’t need to be silent as if you’re whispering in a library while you’re snhing. In fact, moans, sighs, and small soft sounds can be sexy and they give your lover useful feedback on something you enjoy. »

6. Royal Mint

“99% of people say they’re afraid they won’t get fresh breath when they go to kiss someone for the first time. Sucking on a mint candy and offering one to your partner is, therefore, a great way to get rid of these complexes related to halitosis, “proposes Alix Fox with humor.

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