Skirt: which model to choose according to my morphology?

Long, short, patterned… The skirt, basic of the wardrobe, is worn both in summer and winter. Discover the one that will suit you best according to your figure.

Skirt: which model to choose according to my morphology?

© GETTY/Kris Ubach and Quim Roser Skirt: which model to choose according to my morphology?

There are countless different skirt models, like this fashionable and true wardrobe basic piece is worn both during the summer season and when temperatures drop. Indeed, it goes just as much with a nice pair of flat sandals for example, as a pair of opaque tights mixed with boots to brave the cold. It all depends on the skirt material you choose. Leather or imitation is ideal in autumn and winter, while lighter materials are perfect for spring-summer. Besides the material, it is especially the shape of the skirt that you need to pay attention to. What for? Simply because some are more flattering than others depending on your morphology. Discover our tips to make the right choices during your shopping sessions.

Skirt: which shape to choose if I am round?

If you have shapes, a lot of skirts can go very well for you. Yes, you read that right: the shapes are highlighted by some models of skirts. Prefer straight skirts, neither too short nor too long, which arrive a little above the knee. The pencil skirt is also your best allirée!

In summer, a denim skirt for example will be perfect with a pretty blouse and trendy sneakers. In winter, a skirt of the same shape but in a thicker material can be worn with a canon sweater and flat or heeled boots. Heels are going to tend to lengthen the leg, which can be at the top if you want to refine or look taller.

Another canon model if you have shapes: the skirt fluid and tightened at the waist. What for? It marks well, refines the waist, and emphasizes your ultra-feminine curves. The flowing skater skirt can be worn both short and long, to give a little retro style to your outfit.

Skirt: what is the ideal cut if I am tall?

Are you more than one meter tall and seventy? Then you are pretty tall! But this size is more of an asset than a tare, especially if you like long skirts. Because it is this model that will highlight your figure the most. Prefer a fluid or pleated model, and possibly split that reveals part of your leg for the glamorous side. Long skirts fit you like a glove, as they give the illusion that your legs are lower. You can also afford shorter models if you wish, or the mid-length or mid-length skirt trend. Trapeze or skater shapes are also cannons on you!

Skirt: which one to choose if I am small?

On the other hand, if you are small, then long skirts may “squeeze” you. However, if you like this model and you feel good about it, then adopt it without hesitation: the most important thing is to feel good in your clothes! The skirt that makes you the most valuable? A shape close to the body, trapezius or straight will be perfect, as long as it reaches you above the knee. This type of skirt makes it possible to lengthen the leg. And in addition, it is carried with everything! In summer without tights to expose your gametes to the sun, but also in winter with a sweater and boots. Short skirts are canon!

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