Smartphone: our tips to protect yourself from the waves

Dr. Marc Arazi, doctor and whistleblower, denounces the overexposure to waves related to the use of mobile phones and gives simple advice to protect yourself.

For several years, Dr. Marc Arazi has been fighting to denounce the overexposure to waves related to the use of our mobile phones. It is a real obstacle course that he tells in his book“Phonegate”(ed. Massot). His fight: to change regulations in favor of better consumer safety. Fortunately, we have every way to protect ourselves. Some changes in our daily habits are already greatly reducing exposure to waves. Explanations.

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You say we are all overexposed to the airwaves. What for?

Dr. Marc Arazi. In July 2016, an ANSES report (*) showed that in real use, in contact with the body, exposure to mobile phone waves was much greater than the values measured until then (at a distance of 15 to 25 mm from the skin. In contact with the skin, the SAR (specific absorption rate), the amount of electromagnetic energy received by the user, was higher than the regulatory values for 90% of the devices. Each millimeter can multiply the exposure by 2 or 3. The regulations changed in 2017, 28 models were withdrawn or updated, 250 still have to suffer the same fate.

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However, manufacturers assure that the regulatory values are far from the risk thresholds?

The State tells us that the exposure limits include a margin of safety fifty times lower than the threshold at which one would have adverse health effects. This is false because it concerns “whole body” SARs, used to measure distant sources, such as Wifi, Linky, or relay antenna. We forget that our phones are our first source of exposure to waves.

What do we know today about the dangers to our health?

There is a scientific consensus on thermal effects, the “microwave” effect, which can cause cellular stress and genotoxicity (damage to DNA). The regulations are supposed to be there to prevent this risk of tissue heating but the limit values are still largely exceeded, the rules for measuring the SAR remaining imperfect. Where there is debate is the so-called non-thermal biological effects, even if recent scientific evidence is increasingly supporting the recognition of this risk. The WHO has classified mobile phone waves in class 2B as a possible carcinogen. The study by the US National Toxicology Program showed a proven link between exposure to 2G waves and the occurrence of heart cancers in rodents. Finally, Public Health France found at the end of 2019 that the incidence of glioblastomas, these very aggressive brain cancers, has been multiplied by 4 in 30 years while considering the possible link with mobile telephony.

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What are the precautions to take?

The distance you take with your mobile phone is your best ally! Never put it in your pocket or bra, never stick it to your ear. Beware of hands-free kits and Bluetooth headsets. Do not wear them permanently, they release small amounts of radiofrequency energy. Prefer the “air tube” headphones, their cord surrounded by air blocks the waves. No cell phone in a child under 14 years of age (the radiation penetrates twice as deep into his brain). Do not buy a refurbished model. Devices put on the market before June 2017 have benefited from more lax regulations. Avoid making a call when the phone picks up poorly, the relay antenna requires the device to raise its SAR to the highest level. The worst is in the subway because, in addition to poor reception, the movement forces the device to look for an antenna constantly.

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What will change with the arrival of 5G?

Manufacturers do not know how to accurately calculate the interaction of the different antennas (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) within the phone. The waves of 5G are more powerful and less penetrating. Today, however, devices whose exposure levels cannot be measured are on sale.

To read: Phonegate, Dr Marc Arazi, ed. Man

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