Stop buying cat nests, these are the cat’s favorite places to sleep!

Many people who have cats will buy cat nests for cats, but in fact, cats do not like to sleep in cat nests, buy is actually a waste. Today we’re going to talk about where cats are most likely to sleep!


The first place a cat sleeps is definitely a carton. Wherever there are cartons, you’re sure to find your own cat, because cats prefer a dark, quiet environment that makes them more secure and sleeps more comfortably. So many pet owners buy cat nests to become the land of ash.


Cats like to stay on the window sill, often stay for a day, sleep directly lie down to sleep on the line. It can be said that the window sill is the second favorite place for cats to sleep. And amazingly, how did the cat not fall off the window sill? It’s amazing.

pet the lord’s bed

The pet bed is also one of the cat’s favorite places to sleep, every time the owner walks, the cat will immediately jump on the owner’s bed, sleep a good night. Why do cats like to sleep in their host’s bed so much? In fact, it is because the bed has the smell of the owner, this taste can make the cat feel safe.


The washbasin is usually the place where we brush our teeth and wash our faces after waking up, but the owners of cats find that their own washbasin has become a treasure trove for cats to sleep in. Every morning when I get up to brush my teeth, I’m startled by the cat in the pool, so that you are still in a state of just wake up, startled a chicken skin.

on the dog

Many people think that dogs and cats will fight when they encounter, but it is not, many cats and dogs can get along very harmoniously. Even some cats like to sleep on dogs, dogs not only not angry, but also afraid of the dog fell off, this is simply fairy friendship ah.

on the hanger

Cats can really be said to be sleeping, really can sleep anywhere, you see, it also likes to sleep on the hanger, it’s godly. I’d like to ask, how on earth do you keep your balance and don’t fall off it?

Conclusion: Where do your cats sleep best?

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