Stop list: 8 drinks that need to be excluded from any diet

Which drinks contain the most calories and sugar and why can’t they be considered a healthy alternative during the diet?

Many people separate drinks and foods, believing that during a diet, a caramel cappuccino is much less harmful than a small bar of chocolate. But, unfortunately, this is not the case. There are a number of drinks familiar to us, with which we sometimes want to pamper ourselves or replace them with a full meal. We talk about whether smoothies can really be equated to a fruit afternoon snack and whether it is worth starting the day with an energy drink.

Different varieties of coffee

The favorite of drinks during the diet is a classic black coffee, in which you can add a natural sweetener – stevia, which will not be harmful and will not lead to weight gain. It can be compared to coconut oil, as calories from healthy fat saturate the body, satisfying hunger. A small vanilla latte contains about 200 calories, mocha – about 300. Raf coffee, for example, initially includes syrup and sugar. An excellent way out is syrups without sugar, skim milk, and its other varieties, which will minimize the number of calories.

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In addition to taste in carbonated drinks, it is difficult to find at least one positive quality. In their composition – sugar in abundance and empty calories, which do not give a feeling of satiety. Diet drinks may not have calories, but they won’t contain any nutrients either.

Such sugary drinks are a product that directly leads to a set of extra pounds and obesity. Moreover, carbonated drinks do not quench your thirst (even if it seems so to you in the first couple of minutes), but on the contrary, cause even greater desire. Drinking a few bottles of soda a day, you can forget about really healthy drinks – for example, water.

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Smoothies should be treated with extreme caution: the drinks that you see on the shelves of grocery stores cannot be classified as healthy and nutritious, even if advertising companies claim the opposite. The fruits from which the drink is supposedly made are naturally good for the body, but one can of smoothies can have about 700 calories. One drink can be compared to a whole pineapple and a tray of strawberries, even such products can be harmful if you eat them in one sitting. These calories are deposited in fat cells because at a time you have received much more than the body can burn.

In most cases, sugar is an integral part of a smoothie. Frequent ingredients can be fruit juice, ice cream, yogurt, sweeteners. Be sure to check the composition: ideally, it should contain pure water, coconut water or unsweetened nut milk with the addition of berries, fruits, or vegetables.

However, a cocktail can also be made healthy. If you mix fruit with vegetables or greens, healthy fats, and a source of protein, you’ll end up with a nutritious snack.

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Unfortunately, lemonade is not just lemon and water. The composition of the finished drink includes fruit juices, sugar, and artificial food colors, and in one glass can count about 100 calories. Sweeteners, getting into the blood, increase the level of sugar, so the only way to minimize the effect is to drink as much water as possible without any additives.


Many juices contain added sugar, except for foods that are labeled as “100% fruit juice” and do not contain sugar in the ingredients list. Since they don’t have the fiber found in whole fruits, fruit juices aren’t very satisfying, they’re easy to “over-drink,” which can cause blood sugar spikes. Fruit juices in stores are pasteurized, which means that all foods sensitive to heat undergo a process of destruction. Fiber, which gives satiety and slows down the absorption of sugar into the blood, disappears, but sugar remains. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, it is better to include natural juices from whole fruits in the diet or, in extreme cases, dilute the drink with water.

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Sports drinks

In most cases, sports drinks contain a mixture of natural and artificial sweeteners, as well as additives that are not always prescribed on the label. According to studies, one drink can contain up to 5 teaspoons of sugar and a total of 90 calories. In order to regain strength after training, it is better to drink natural coconut water, which will help replenish electrolytes after physical exertion, water with lemon, or eat bitter chocolate(read also: What is healthy fitness: osteopath’s view).

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Cold sweet coffee

In many chain coffee shops, chilled creamy drinks contain from 500 to 1200 calories and an amount of sugar that exceeds the daily norm. Occasionally, you can treat yourself to a harmless ice latte, the rest of the products will not allow you to get rid of extra pounds: whipped cream, syrups and sweeteners will only lead to weight gain.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are a mixture of artificial colors, sugar, and flavors that do not exist in nature. Due to a large amount of sugar, first of all, you feel a false surge of strength, and after a drop in energy, which reduces physical and brain activity to a minimum. Track the composition indicated on the package, pay attention to such active ingredients as caffeine, vitamins, herbal supplements, creatine.

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