Studio: which sofa bed to choose from?

In a studio, the main challenge is to find a location for each object while ensuring that the décor is harmonious. Fortunately, even if the living space can not always accommodate several pieces of furniture, there is still a solution: two-in-one models. As practical as it is comfortable, the sofa bed for the studio is chosen with care. Need help finding the model perfectly suited to your needs? Discover our buying guide as well as our selection of sofa beds for the studio.

The advantages of a sofa bed

The sofa bed stands out for its versatile side. Folded, it is ideal for sitting and relaxing at home. For example, you can install it in a seating area of your studio. This functional furniture is your ally if you want to watch TV quietly, read your favorite book, or simply optimize traffic in your studio.

Unfolded, the sofa bed is transformed into an extra bed and can even serve as a bed on a daily basis. It brings together at least two functions in a single piece of furniture to save space!

The sofa bed also has the advantage of adapting to all tastes. It is available:

  • In neutral or more dashing colors;
  • In a multitude of sizes and materials;
  • With or without armrests;
  • With or without feet (convertible floor sofa).

Sofa bed for studio: the criteria for purchase

Here are some essential criteria to help you find a sofa bed that meets your needs and blends into your interior:

  • The user

Before ordering a sofa bed, make sure that the chosen model is able to withstand the weight of its future use. Some models are indeed intended for children. Others on the other hand can accommodate an adult and withstand up to 150 kg of load.

  • Dimensions

The choice depends not only on the number of users but also on their size and available space. In a small studio, for example, every square centimeter must be exploited intelligently. Thus, if you have a reduced living space, it is advisable to choose a space-saving sofa bed as a convertible armchair.

Careful! The width and depth of the sofa bed should be taken into account, and whether it is folded or unfolded.

  • The quality of the bed

The choice depends on your preferences and needs. A thickness of about 6 cm is enough for occasional use. If you plan to use your sofa bed regularly, a seat about 10 cm thick will do.

Your sofa bed will serve as a daily bed? Want to enjoy a sofa bed offering the same level of comfort as a classic bed? The ideal is to opt for a model with a thicker mattress, between 14 and 18 cm.

  • Colour

The sofa bed comes in a multitude of sober or more sparkling colors. For a harmonious and pleasant interior to live in, remember to choose a shade that fits into your decoration. If you are moving into an industrial-style studio, a black or gray sofa bed is recommended. On the other hand, opt without hesitation for yellow or blue if you want to spend your decoration in summer mode for example.

Our favorite: Pro Cosmo, the best sofa bed for children

Do you live in a studio with a child under the age of 6? The Pro Cosmo sofa bed is the one for you. The cover is easily removed and washed. In addition, it is made of velvet, a quality material, and resistant to stains. Another point that seduced us, the sofa unfolds and folds in a reach. It is also equipped with ultra-strong foam seat cushions. Enough to allow your child to take naps during the day and sleep peacefully at night!

In addition to the pillow offered, a matching ottoman comes with the sofa bed. It can be used as a booster chair or footrest. Do you have any doubts about its location? Don’t worry, the Pro Cosmo sofa bed is light. It weighs 7 kg and is easy to move.

Homcom: a convertible armchair perfect for small spaces

Are you looking for a cheap and space-saving sofa bed? We suggest the black homcom convertible chair. In addition to being accessible at an affordable price, this one-seater sofa bed for adults is suitable for small studios. Indeed, it is 65 x 69 x 80 cm (length x width x height) in the sofa position, against 60 x 186 x 25 cm (length x width x height) in the bed position. We also appreciate its versatile side. The Swedish model offered by Homcom has an adjustable backrest on 5 positions. It can thus serve as a living room chair, an extra bed, or a lounge chair. Regarding the installation, nothing could be easier! You simply need to:

  1. Screw the feet;
  2. Screw the armrests;
  3. Install your sofa bed in the chosen location.

The whole thing will take you 15 to 20 minutes. As for the suede coating, it is soft to the touch, elegant, and easy to maintain.

Natalia Spzoo: a futon sofa bed to save space

Does a friend or loved one visit you occasionally? Enjoy extra sleeping in seconds thanks to the black Natalia Spzoo futon sofa. This product is among our selection because it is provided with a mattress folded in 3 to form a seat of 70 x 60 x 30 cm (length x width x height). When you unroll it, it turns into a single bed of 200 x 70 x 10 cm (width x depth x height). Need to free up the space in your studio the next day? No worries. The futon sofa bed is compact and light (4 kg), it moves and is stored easily. It can also be used as a travel cot.

Orlando Confort24: a sofa bed offering 2 extra beds

aquinos Confort24 Orlando Corner Sofa Bed with Storage 3 Seat L Shape Grey  Chaise Longue Left or Right Reversible Large 221 x 162 x 90 :  Home & Kitchen

Do you live in a spacious studio? Are you used to receiving guests? Thanks to the Orlando Confort24 convertible corner sofa, welcoming your friends or loved ones for a weekend will no longer be a problem! This designer furniture measures 220 x 86 cm (width x depth) and offers a comfortable seat for 3 people. The meridian is reversible, you have the possibility to install it on the right or left depending on the configuration of your studio.

What we love above all is the ability to sleep at 2 on the Orlando couch. Once unfolded, it turns into a double bed of 220 x 160 cm (width x depth). Another detail that makes all the difference, you are entitled to a spacious chest to store cushions or blankets. Of course, comfort and quality are at the rendezvous.

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