Style of clothing according to the zodiac sign: boho, preppy, casual – find your own

We focus not only on trends but also on the astrological forecast.

All girls are familiar with the problem “I have nothing to wear!”. Don’t worry, the stars will tell you. Our astrologers will help you choose a style, focusing on the character traits set by the date of birth.



Aries ladies love stability and order, so the preppy style (“neat” from the English preppy) will perfectly emphasize your character traits. Do not think that this is just a school uniform, as it were! Its playfulness and audacity wrapped in an official shell. Pleated skirts and a rebellious Scotswoman will look stylish not only behind the school desk.

Preppy Style



It would seem, what could be simpler than casual? But for Taurus ladies who love stability in all areas of life, this classic style fits perfectly. And what looks more stylish than the timeless classics? Ford Taurus, you need to feel comfortable and domineering in any situation, and multifunctional and universal casual things will help to achieve harmony even in the most stressful and unforeseen situations.

Casual style


Style Z: Oversize, Street Style, Provocation

The most provocative and daring, rebellious, and street style is ideal for Gemini, who can not imagine their wardrobe without oversize, massive sneakers and neon shades. They hate boundaries that can limit their freedom-loving nature. The combination of contrasts: tights in the net and voluminous hoodies or massive sneakers with frank tops – this is what the stars are destined for Gemini.

Style Z: Oversize, Street Style, Provocation



Astrologers attribute the Baby-doll style to romantic Cancers. The trend of infantilism conquers the catwalks: accessories made of beads with letters, lush skirts, and tights of bright colors adorn models around the world. Gentle and feminine representatives of this sign are close to such aesthetics, so this style seems to be created specifically for them.

Baby-doll style


Luxe purism

Fire Lionesses, like no one else, love to be the center of attention. However, the queen of style does not need to prove her superiority, so pretentious and pompous images are definitely not about her. In the style of Luxe Purism (luxury purism), minimalistic design, high-end materials, and impeccable fit are highly appreciated. Straight lines and simple styles are made in premium fabrics, which makes the image luxurious.

Style Luxe purism



Virgo’s love order in everything, so girls born under this constellation will perfectly suit the globally spread style of minimalism. In modern conditions, pretentiousness and sportiness are no longer relevant, so it is worth giving preference to simple silhouettes with clear and straight lines in pastel and classic colors. A dressing case with an elegant chain, complemented by sophisticated mules, will emphasize the natural femininity of Virgos.

Minimalism style



Harmonious and calm Libras are girls who intuitively feel style. Sophisticated and dreamy boho with intricate patterns and fringe, light, weightless translucent fabrics complements the dreaminess of the representatives of this sign. Freedom and inseparable connection with nature are organically combined in this style.

Boho style



Combining the incongruous is definitely the motto of Scorpios. The convenience and comfort of a sporty style areas suitable for them as brilliant glamour, which is why the contrasting style of Sportshik perfectly reflects the individuality of these fashionistas. Massive sneakers with a silk dress or bright leggings with sneakers are contrasts that organically coexist in the wardrobe of Scorpios.

Sport-chic style



During the quarantine period, everyone is used to meeting a courier in an oversized T-shirt, sitting at a Zoom conference in pajama pants, or going out in a bathrobe. However, do not think that this is some kind of sloppy style. Freedom-loving and spontaneous Sagittarians, ready for a party at any time, this style unleashes their hands. Silk pajamas and mules are perfect for quiet gatherings with friends, and for a crazy night in a bar.

Pajama style in clothing


Official style

With Fashionistas-Capricorns, jokes are bad: strict and restrained, with a passionate nature, they are able to fall in love with anyone. The classic style seems to be created for them: it emphasizes the elegance and charm of the girls of this zodiac sign. Capricorns do not seek to keep track of rapidly changing fashion trends, they themselves set trends.

Formal dress style, formal style


Country style

Rubber boots with parka, a cashmere sweater with boyfriends are combinations without which it is impossible to imagine Aquarius. No, this does not mean that you need to go to exile to your grandmother in the garden, these sets now look stylish on the streets of the city. Convenience and practicality combined with unique aesthetics is the motto of the fashionistas of this sign.

Country style in clothes



Ballet themes are gaining podiums and a place in fashion shows: Dries Van Noten presented the collection as a dance show, and Simon Rocha released a collaboration with the H&M brand, where delicate styles and pastel shades prevail. Pisces in this style will feel like they are in the water. Convenience combined with endless femininity is what these fashionistas need.

Ballet-core style

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