Sunscreen: we review the basics before the beach

Sunscreen: we review the basics before the beach

The sun can be dangerous for the skin and health in general: we know it, but a booster shot never hurts! Sunscreen pool or city sunscreen, to make the right choice of sunscreen, review the basics before the big departure.

1/ No sun exposure for children under 3 years old

An ineffective barrier function, and immune system still immature, a temperature that is poorly regulated: the skin of toddlers is much more fragile than ours! Under 3 years of age, it is recommended not to expose children to the sun. Not always easy when they have only one desire: to make sandcastles on the beach! Sunscreen, hat, glasses, and long clothes are de rigueur. Below 1 year, on the other hand, no exceptions, no UV exposure.

2/ I apply sunscreen even if there are clouds

The only clouds capable of blocking UV rays are those that are very dark, those that announce the storm. The others do not prevent the rays from passing through, or even from getting a sunburn. The veiled sky gives a false impression of security because UV radiation increases even on scattered white clouds. Sunscreen applies everywhere and all the time, including in cloudy weather!

3/ Protect yourself from UV: anti-wrinkle of the summer

By directly impacting the cells responsible for skin renewal, the sun weakens these cells which, in the long run, no longer fulfill their mission as well. Consequence: premature aging of the skin accelerates, spots and wrinkles appear. It is, therefore, necessary to constantly protect yourself from UV with a suitable sunscreen.

4/ Sea, pool, terrace: never without my sunscreen

Sunscreen at the beach, sunscreen at the pool, sunscreen in town: sunscreen is an essential cosmetic product that combines with all desires! From the first rays of spring until the end of summer, or even in autumn, remember to put on sunscreen as soon as necessary, to protect yourself optimally from the harmful effects of the sun.

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