The 10 most popular, unconventional wedding venues abroad

Do you dream of a foreign wedding adventure that is far from the traditional church wedding? So read along here, where we have gathered 10 popular, unconventional wedding venues abroad that you can be inspired by.

In recent years, it has become increasingly popular to replace the traditional church wedding with something more exotic, such as a beach, a flowering field, or a raw barn.

A trend we only think is becoming more and more popular, as many bridal couples want to put their very own stamp on their big day.

If you are just one of those couples who would like to make the big day extra special, you can travel abroad and get married in fashionable Paris, idyllic Tuscany, or festive Las Vegas.

Below we have collected the 10 most popular, different wedding locations abroad that you can be inspired by.

10 popular wedding venues

1. French Riviera

10 popular wedding destinations

A wedding at the crown jewel of southern France? That doesn’t sound crazy.

Say yes to each other on one of the Riviera’s long sandy beaches, creating the perfect romantic atmosphere – especially at sunset. If you are not into the sand between your toes, you can also be devoted to one of the many promenades that give your love party a classic French atmosphere.

2. Tuscany

10 popular wedding destinations

The region, which is considered to be Italy’s most beautiful. Who doesn’t want to get married there?

Look each other deep in the eye and give each other a yes in the idyllic Toskian countryside between olive trees and vineyards. You can bowl wine from the area, as Tuscany produces one of Italy’s best-known red wines, Chianti.

3. Las Vegas

10 popular wedding destinations

If you dream of partying for the bright morning and entertainment 24/7, Then Las Vegas is the perfect place to have a wedding.

With the fantastic casino hotels, Fremont street experiences evening parade, and Bellagio Hotel fountain show, you and your guests are guaranteed an experience and a wedding that will be remembered for many years.

4. Santorini

10 popular wedding destinations

The island of Santorini is Greece at its best.

We understand why the Greek island of Santorini is among the favorites. The picturesque little towns that characterize all kinds of postcards, with their whitewashed houses, incredible views, fine sandy beaches, and enchanting sunsets will surely form the setting for the perfect wedding.

5. Paris

10 popular wedding destinations

Oui! Romantic and adventurous Paris is of course also on the list of most popular wedding destinations. And in fact, it is also one of the cities where most courtships take place.

In true French style, the wedding can be at the Eiffel Tower, in Notre Dame, on the Seine, or in a cozy Parisian backyard.

6. Maui

10 popular wedding destinations

Maui, the second-largest Hawaiian island, is known for hosting as many as two volcanoes. The volcanoes have created a scenic valley where you and your future husband can say yes to each other surrounded by lush, green “walls” and with sand between your toes.

7th Newport

10 popular wedding destinations

Do you want to make the presidential couple J.F. Kennedy and Jaqueline Kennedy the art after? Then travel to the Atlantic City, Newport, Rhode Island, on the east coast of the United States, and get married at St. Mary’s Church, which is first to the water, which lights up the church in the evening.

8. Provence

10 popular wedding destinations

One minute nature is gentle and picturesque, the next moment magnificent and impressive. Provence is known for its medieval towns that stretch uphill peaks and exude romance and French rustic elegance. If you dream of a wedding in Provence, it is popular to arrange in one of the many lavender fields that characterize the area.

9. Riviera Maya

10 popular wedding destinations

If you love history and cultural experiences, it might be worth exploring whether you can get married at Riviera Maya, located south of Cancun in Mexico, which is known for its many archaeological sites.

10th Amalfi Coast

10 popular wedding destinations

If you want to get married overlooking the water at one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines, you must set your nose against the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Especially the city of Sorrento, located in the Gulf of Naples, and Campania are two very popular wedding venues – for good reason!

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