The 10 Rules All Wedding Guests Need to Follow

Wedding planning is stressful enough, but it’s made even more so when guests don’t follow the rules!

We’ve developed a set of guidelines for all wedding attendees. Please feel free to post this on social media several times, complete with passive aggressive titles, in order to help spread the message. Alternatively, you might send a printout with your wedding invites or establish a page on your wedding website dedicated to guest behavior. It’s all up to you.

  1. Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol
    There’s a narrow line between dancing with your pals and shooting some amusing photo booth photographs, but you’ve crossed it when you start crying, swearing, or feeling ill. After one too many Sambucas, no one wants to be the one who left a nasty remark in the emotional guest book.

2. Just Obey the Dress Code in General
Unless the wedding invitation states that there’s an informal dress code, don’t assume there is one. That means no jeans! Yes, they’re comfy and you can do an awesome slide-across-the-room-on-your-knees in them, but it’s not the time or the place.

3. Don’t Get in the Photographer’s Way
You have over 500 Instagram followers, right? As long as you’re not paid by the couple to be their wedding photographer, don’t get in their way by using your iPhone. And if the bride and groom have indicated that social media is prohibited during the wedding, abide by their wishes.

4. RSVP on Time
You’ll note on your wedding invitation that there’s a deadline for RSVPs. That deadline is set in stone for a reason, so please make sure you respond by then. Even without all of the RSVPs, sorting out the seating arrangement is difficult!

5. Don’t Wear Black
Black has a funeral-like feel to it, and originally, wearing black was a sign of opposition to the marriage. Put your black tie back on the rack and pick out a more jaunty flowery one unless you secretly wish the bride was marrying you.

6. No Kids Means No Kids
It’s possible that your wedding invitation is only addressed to you and your spouse. We’ve chosen to have a child-free wedding, as much as we adore Cosmo and Chrysanthemum. There are no exceptions. Not even for such wonderful children as yours. Please don’t inquire. (This applies to everyone; if their name isn’t on the invitation, they aren’t welcome.)

7. Don’t Wear White
Or milky, or ivory. Avoid such colors at all costs, especially if lace is involved. You may wear your lovely white lace gown to any occasion throughout the year. Brides are allowed to wear their lovely white lace wedding gown for one day only. Don’t sabotage it.

8. Switch Your Phone Off
Consider the following scenario: the registrar is guiding the couple through their vows, the bride is carefully wiping tears of joy from her eyes, and… The song ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears begins to play. Is it your phone, then? TURN IT OFF!.

9. Don’t Make It About You
“Everyone has gathered! It’s time for me to announce my engagement, pregnancy, and new puppy!” Nope. Not at another person’s wedding. If you have important news to tell, the wedding you’re attending as a guest isn’t the place to do it unless you’ve discussed it with the couple ahead of time and they’re cool with it. Also, don’t plan on proposing at someone else’s wedding unless the couple is truly, honestly pleased for you to do so – and you’re certain they didn’t agree through clenched teeth. Make your own unique day!

10. Have Fun!
It may appear like there are a lot of regulations and diva demands, but it’s all about decency and common sense. Enjoy yourselves and be pleased for the newlyweds!

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