The 7 rules to live a healthy sexuality

One of the most difficult topics to address with a teenager is sexuality. Although it is no longer an issue outlawed between parents and children, naturalness is missed when touching these issues, and it is so necessary to avoid dysfunctions in the future, that it is hard to believe that it is not taken as a health problem. In the same way that children are taught to use the toothbrush correctly, these topics should be able to be explained in a simple, enjoyable, and, above all, sincere way.

To live healthy sexuality there are 7 basic guidelines:

1. Know yourself. Self-exploration, which begins early in childhood, should not be an alibi. As long as it is done privately, it is the best way to know what stimuli our body responds to. If you don’t know yourself, you can’t tell your partner what you like.

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2. Your erotic map. Continuing with the previous point, you have to identify what your erogenous zones are, and no, they are not the same in all individuals. Generally, the most sensitive points are ears, lips, mouth, nape, neck, shoulders, armpits, chest, nipples, waist, inner part of the elbow, the mount of Venus, clitoris, labia majora, and minora, penis, scrotum, perineum, and thighs.

3. Cultivate gerontophilia, which is nothing more than a positive attitude to everything erotic and sexual. Feelings of guilt and prejudice must be discarded. Sex is good, and talking about it shouldn’t cause you embarrassment. People who have an attitude of rejection towards sex, or erotophobia, may end up presenting anxiety pictures, or sexual dysfunctions (vaginismus, erectile dysfunction, etc.).

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4. Cultivate sexual self-esteem. Value your body, amate it. If you don’t like yourself, if you don’t look favorably, you won’t enjoy sex. A positive attitude will lead you to greater satisfaction.

5. Be a little selfish. In sex you have to think not only about the pleasure of your partner: you have to be a little selfish too and look for your own, or sex will end up becoming something mechanical, which you will do to meet your partner and leave you calm. So let yourself be done and enjoy.

6. Work assertiveness. Not everything goes in bed and not everything is worth it to you. Communicate, say clearly what you like and what you don’t. Your partner is not a fortune teller or fortune teller, so give him, tell him all. Practice active listening with your partner: you have to maintain an empathetic attitude, and never make fun of each other’s desires.

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7. Protect your rights. At the XIII World Congress of Sexology, held in Valencia in 1997, a declaration of universal sexual rights was drafted, which are the following:

  1. The Right to Sexual Freedom.
  2. The Right to Sexual Autonomy, Sexual Integrity and Safety of the Sexual Body.
  3. The Right to Sexual Privacy.
  4. The Right to Sexual Equity.
  5. The Right to Sexual Pleasure.
  6. The Right to Emotional Sexual Expression.
  7. The Right to Free Sexual Association.
  8. The Right to Make Reproductive, Free and Responsible Choices.
  9. The Right to Information Based on Scientific Knowledge.
  10. The Right to Comprehensive Sex Education.
  11. The Right to Sexual Health Care.

Your sexuality depends solely and exclusively on you, your attitude, and your self-esteem. Do not let prejudices or learned censorships, or social or couple impositions prevent you from enjoying it.

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