The 8 best mirrors to decorate your home

If you want to give your home a change of look, but you’re not willing to spend on new furniture or a total remodel, add a mirror.

Maybe it’s not the first thing that goes through your head and less if it’s about completely changing space, but it can be the difference between a conventional home and a completely renovated one. We give you some ideas to decorate with mirrors and refresh the decoration of your house.

Full-length mirror and headdress in one.

© Mirror District. Full-length mirror and headdress in one.

Two in one

Instead of having the typical square mirror vanity and also another full-length mirror, it would be a great idea to have a single mirror that works like both. This one in the form of a full-body arch with a small space to put a floating table and place the daily beauty accessories is the best thing you can have at home.

A mirror that is also a coat rack solves space problems.

© Tugow. A mirror that is also a coat rack solves space problems.

Mirror and coat rack

Another great idea to save space is to have a mirror that at the same time is functional as a coat rack or even as a bookseller, that is, multifunctional. This will make it easier to organize different shoes, clothes, and accessories. In addition, it can be placed in the hall, in the bedroom, in a corridor, or even in the bathroom.

You don't need something so big or ostentatious.

© H&M Home You don’t need something so big or ostentatious.

Something small

It never hurts a beautiful and functional decorative accessory. A mini-mirror or face mirror is what you need to decorate a small space at home, whether it is a coffee table or a desk. Choose an original shape or with an acute base. According to Feng Shui, you can place it near the entrance door to prevent bad energy from entering.

Shapes and colors : the best for a mirror

© Kessa. Shapes and colors: the best for a mirror

Indefinite forms

It is not always convenient to have a square or round mirror when home decoration lends itself to playing with shapes and colors. If this is the case, a mirror with some fun elements works to have, for example, on the wall of the room or on some large wall that is without decoration.

In the living room and kitchen the mirrors never get in the way.

© Architonic. In the living room and kitchen, the mirrors never get in the way.


In the living room or dining room you can place a mirror in a “fun” way, but remember to keep it clean since it is usually exposed to dust and even food. This one can be full-body and will still look amazing. If you have little space, it will be better to place a medium mirror.

A fan or a mirror, it doesn't matter.

© BoConcept. A fan or a mirror, it doesn’t matter.

Is it a mirror?

A mirror should not reflect something as it is. You can play with one that is actually more like a decorative object. For example, a silver fan is the solution to an empty space and also looks alternative. Depending on the shape of the “mirror” is the place in the house that will make it look better.

The mirror does not need to be in the bedroom or dressing room.

© Pirwi. The mirror does not need to be in the bedroom or dressing room.

Bedroom mirror

The idea is to remove the mirror from your bedroom and put it anywhere else in the house. Choose the living room near the windows, on the terrace, in the bathroom… the possibilities are endless. Make sure you give him an attractive and lightweight base and start enjoying a mirror in an unexpected place.

Decorate with many, one is not enough.
© Wordlass. Decorate with many, one is not enough.

One no, many

Nothing better than supplying art paintings or photos on a wall, than with mirrors. There are two options: choose many sizes and create a kind of gallery on the wall or select many shapes to place them sporadically on the wall. Either one looks better with relief and in somewhat minimalist spaces.

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