The 9 Tips for a Woman to Stay Healthy and Happy

Body and mind in perfect balance to face the world

Women should have healthy lifestyle habits because they are the key to good physical and mental health.

Professional life, children, the couple, the house, are too many elements that require us to be organized, have strength, will, and attitude to face them.

Doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists recommend that women definitively bury vices such as tobacco and keep in mind that any symptom of a change in our body, we are obliged to perform medical check-ups. If they are periodic, much better.

But one of the most important things that experts recommend is to have positive and altruistic activities that contribute to a woman’s personal satisfaction.

For the well-being and quality of life that a woman longs for, we propose these nine tips.

1.- Sleep

Sleeping the eight hours a day regulations and deep helps metabolize stress hormones, this activity is considered by experts as the most effective to ensure optimal health.

2.- Positive attitude

There are bad and good days in the life of a woman, but as far as possible we must seek that the mind is good, remains positive to face the difficulties that arise in life.

3.- Breathe

It seems so normal, but taking a while, a few minutes to breathe correctly and deeply through the nose, oxygenates the body and activates the restoration of the nervous system.

4.- Meditate or reflect

You always have to take some time to think, to calm emotions, to reflect or simply put your mind blank and meditate, even if it is 10 minutes for your body and mind to balance.

5.- Do exercises

An hour of our time daily to practice some sport, exercises, dance, put the body in motion, strengthens not only the muscles, but you stay in shape.

6.- Talk, let off steam

Although many see it as something banal to meet with friends, talking relaxes the throat, allows you to release tensions, and above all, feel heard.

7.- Sunbathing

Optimize your body’s vitamin D levels, in moderation. Nothing in exaggeration is good. A few minutes of sun will activate all those vitamins that the body needs.

8.- Balanced feeding

You have to be careful with what you eat, this does not mean that you should live perennially on a diet. On the contrary, you can eat healthy foods and occasionally give the body some taste. Always the right food from the hand of a nutritionist.

9.- Active social life

You have to enjoy life, relate to friends, smile, dance, look for those moments of coexistence with like-minded people.

Remember that all these recommendations should always go hand in hand with specialists. Visiting your doctor periodically will allow you to have better professional guidance.

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