The Breathtaking Winning Photographs of the Travel Photographer of the Year Released, Taking Holiday Snaps to a New Level.

The breathtaking winning entries of the Travel Photographer of the Year 2016 (TPOTY) competition have been published, ranging from a snow-streaked Manhattan street to a donkey procession snaking over Ethiopia’s desert.

Photographers from 20 nations, including India, the United States, and China, captured them in categories such as cities and architecture, people and culture, wildlife and nature.

  1. Joel Santos, a Portuguese photographer, was named overall Travel Photographer of the Year. An Ashanti fisherman was seen on Lake Bosumtwi in Ashanti, Ghana.
Portuguese photographer Joel Santos took the crown as overall Travel Photographer of the Year. This image of an Ashanti fisherman  was taken on Lake Bosumtwi, Ashanti, Ghana
Joel Santos

2. Aerial photograph by Joel Santos of the Salt Desert in Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression shows salt miners directing a dromedary and donkey convoy across the desert’s peculiar salt patterns.

Joel Santos

3. The Flatiron Building in New York was photographed against a backdrop of swirling snow by Michele Palazzo of Italy, who won the Cities: Architecture & Spaces award.

Michele Palazzo

4. Courtney Moore of the United States received the Young TPOTY 15-18 award at the age of 18 for this sensitive photo of a windswept fox being battered by sand on Island Beach State Park in New Jersey.

Courtney Moore

5. Ruiyuan Chen of China won the Mankind portfolio with his stunning pictures of the ethnic Yi people who live in extreme poverty in the Daliang Mountains of China’s Sichaun region.

Ruiyuan Chen

6. Kyle Adler of the United States came in second place in the Wildlife & Nature category. ‘This alligator stretched out in the middle of the river on a dark December day as we sailed by, seeking what little sunshine was afforded,’ he recalled.

Kyle Adler

7. Self-taught Darpan Basak, a 14-year-old photographer from Chadipur, India, was chosen Young Travel Photographer of the Year for his bright depiction of the pleasure of fishing. His ability to relate stories was praised by the judges.

Darpan Basak

8. In this photo captured by 13-year-old Ankit Kumar, a flock of flamingos takes flight above Tanzania’s salt and soda Lake Natron. The image took up the Young TPOTY award for 14-year-olds and under.

Ankit Kumar

9. Jeremy Woodhouse of the United Kingdom took the greatest single photograph in a mankind portfolio, which is shown above. In Coltesti, Romania, he captured an old woman cutting grass from a small area to feed her livestock.

Jeremy Woodhouse

10. Biran Zhao won the one-shot award for this photo taken in Baiyu County, Ganzi, Sichuan Province, China. The nuns take a morning walk around the mountain. The early morning light catching part of the mountain defines and forms this photograph, creating mood and framing the moment in light, according to the judges. The image is distinctive, engaging, and intriguing, and it leaves the viewer wondering what the scenario shows.

Biran Zhao

11. Beniamino Pisati, a professional photographer, earned the award for his Journeys & Adventures portfolio, which was shot in Bayankhongor, Mongolia. The judges said: ‘These wonderfully lit images of the people and horses of Bayankhongor in Mongolia are dynamic and engaging, shot from a vantage that takes the viewer into the heart of the action.’ The viewer gets a true sensation of being a part of the experience since it’s packed with action.’

Beniamino Pisati

12. For this blazing shot captured at the San Anton festival in San Bartolomé de Pinares, Spain, Llus Salvadó received the Best Single Image in a Journeys & Adventures portfolio.

Lluís Salvadó

13. Craig Easton of the United Kingdom got an award for his portfolio Land, Sea, and Sky. A lone Buddhist monk walks around the West Kirby Marine Lake’s boundary wall in the photograph above.

Craig Easton

14. Panos Laskarakis’ Mankind portfolio featured mysterious and ancient celebrations in the woodlands of Greece’s Falakro mountain. He came in second place in this category.

Panos Laskarakis

15. A little child was the star of this shot captured between Sichuan and Tibet by Zijie Gong, who was a runner-up in the Young TPOTY 15-18 category.

Zijie Gong

16. Magdaléna Straková’s photograph of a flamingo in Prague Zoo received special mention in the Wildlife & Nature category.

Magdaléna Straková

17. Marco Urso from Italy received a special mention in the Wildlife & Nature category for this lovely photo of a juvenile bear cub playing with a stick in Kamchatka, Russia.

Marco Urso

18. For a photo of reindeer races in Jokkmokk, Sweden, Raimondo Norberto Giamberduca from Italy was highly praised in the New Talent, Eye to Eye category.

Raimondo Norberto

19. Martin Siering of Germany earned a special mention in the Land, Sea, and Sky category for his photographs of the eruptions of Batu Tara volcano on Komba Island, Indonesia.

Martin Siering

20. Alison Cahill of the United Kingdom won the New Talent, Eye to Eye category for her portrait of Elyas, the head barber and owner of Son&Dad Barbers in George Town, Penang, Malaysia.

Alison Cahill

21. Dominic Byrne of Ireland was highly commended in the Cities: Architecture & Spaces category for his photograph of an unusual art installation in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Dominic Byrne

22. Timothy Allen of the United Kingdom came in second place in the Journeys & Adventures category with a portfolio of vivid celebrations recorded during a journey to Andalusia, Spain.

Timothy Allen

23. Marina Spironetti of Italy captured two people waiting for the 14th of July parade on the Champs Elysées, winning her the Smart Shot prize.

Marina Spironetti

24. Luke Massey of the United Kingdom captures the world’s rarest cat, the Iberian lynx, on camera, winning him the One Shot Wildlife & Nature award.

Luke Massey

25. Rudi Sebastian of Germany came in second place in the One Shot Wildlife & Nature award for this photograph of blue mating frogs in a little pond near Berlin’s rural border.

Rudi Sebastian
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