The expert explained why before the New Year we are experiencing a decline in strength

Not all people are prone to apathy during this period, but why can it still occur? This question was answered by the famous bioenergetic and hypnologist, Snezhana Ton.

Snezhana Ton


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The New Year is a very unusual time in all respects, from the pre-holiday bustle, ending with the impact on energy fields and flows. People are completely on the eve of renewal, in anticipation of changes and transformations. A new round is a new beginning. And all this leaves its mark, so the joy of waiting for the holiday and the upcoming holidays can be replaced by a decline in strength.

By the end of the year, many begin to have apathy or even depression. This is due, first of all, to the fact that summing up the results of the year, people become too strict with themselves, they begin to compare themselves with friends, get upset because they failed to realize all the ideas and plans 100%, etc.

Therefore, the end of the year is a “hot” period in the work of psychologists, specialists in the human energy field, etc. At the “New Year’s sessions”, many come to work out their fears, negative attitudes, clean energy, or radically change their lives and thinking. Here are a few reasons why we are in a depressed state on new year’s Eve.

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Obsession with failure

If, summing up the results of the year, you concentrate on failures, you begin to waste energy, lowering your vibrations, and this, in turn, will lead to apathy. When you concentrate on the negative, self-esteem decreases, there is uncertainty in your abilities, actions. All this drives a person into an emotional pit.

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Confidence that the beginning of the year is the only starting point for change

This attitude in itself is extremely destructive. The most striking and close to many examples is “I will start running /I will go on a diet from Monday morning.” In most cases, the condition is not met, and the start time is constantly shifting, and as a result, a person begins to scold himself.

Don’t get hung up on when exactly you should start changing your life. The right moment will never come, there is only one word for change and start – “now”. It is not necessary to rush into the pool with your head, just remember that any long journey begins with the first and most important step.

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Trying to compare yourself to others

Achievements, new purchases, even scenarios of celebrating the new year – in all this, people try to keep up with friends or neighbors, and this is not bad, but only when it does not happen on a regular basis. Trying to appear better than others can lead to the loss of one’s own goals and desires.

The only person you need to compete with is yourself. The only thing that matters is how much better and smarter you are than you were yesterday or a week ago. It is self-improvement that is important. And the imaginary success in social networks is only a picture, a cover, under which anything can be, it does not reflect the true life of a person, so you do not need to take it very seriously and trust it 100%.

Fixation on others, and not on their own actions and successes can lead to envy, resentment, low self-esteem, and other negativity. Do not clog your energy vessel with this filth.

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Incorrect (unrealizable) installations

Very often people expect from the coming year and from the holiday, in particular, something magical and unreal. Unfortunately, such a game with the subconscious mind very often ends in a strong disappointment. If something goes wrong, a person programs himself with the phrase “since the holiday failed, then the year will be the same.” Such actions rarely lead to something good, because the mood also determines the result.


Many of us face this very often, since in most cases in the pre-New Year period work and troubles are added, a person is oversaturated with events, and by the beginning of the holiday he literally gets tired of emotions, so there are simply not enough of them for the holiday.

The New Year is a special time, during this period a person has a violation of the balance, which, in turn, can lead to an internal conflict. The most important thing is to understand what exactly your inner conflict is, admit it to yourself and try to find a solution to the problem. Yes, this is not an easy task, but it must be solved. If you can do it yourself, contact a professional. A competent specialist in this field will help you find a compromise with yourself and come to your senses in a couple of sessions.

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