The foolproof trick to decontaminate two stacked glasses

Who has never experienced this frustrating situation of two stacked glasses that no longer want to separate? With our simple trick, it will be a distant memory.

After the chore of the dishes, we don’t just have to do waiting for everything to cool down. We have already piled up two glasses that are still hot and humid at least once. But by wanting to serve a glass of water, paf, it is the drama: impossible to separate them, they are stuck. Instead of pulling with all our might at the risk of breaking them, here is rather an infallible trick.

We bring a bowl, a basin, or a bowl: in short, what we have under the elbow. We fill this container with hot water halfway up, and we place our two inseparable. In the glass at the top put cold water or even ice cubes. The temperature difference will expand the glass at the bottom and retract the glass at the top. Result? In two times three movements, we can again use our glasses. No more puzzles!

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