The holiday failed: 5 New Year’s dresses that are already outdated (check your wardrobe)

We talk about the most outdated and irrelevant New Year’s dresses that many still wear.

Very soon the New Year holidays will come, and the problem of finding the perfect dress worries many girls. This holiday symbolizes the beginning of a new period in life, so it is very important to meet it in a stylish and relevant outfit.

“I dress in what I am comfortable in and do not follow fashion” – this statement is often encountered by stylists in their work. Of course, the human and professional qualities of an individual are in the first place, but, you see because no one wants to hear such a phrase about themselves: “But he is smart” or “But he is a great specialist.”

According to various sources, from 60% to 70% or more a person perceives through the visual channel of perception. Therefore, the saying: “Meet by clothes” is still very relevant. So it turns out that if a person seeks to communicate in the circle of developing people, to have a prestigious high-paying job and a dream partner – you will have to conform. And in the selection of images, too.

How to understand what is relevant now?

In this matter, all the same, observation will help. Follow fashion bloggers and influencers on social networks, browse the Pinterest app, track new products coming out of modern brands that people trust. Developing brands keep up with the times and adapt fashion to modernity. Stylists collect ready-made images, which you can then see in online stores and on mannequins. This can also be adopted. Which models definitely do not belong at the New Year’s holiday?

Guipure dresses

Guipure has long gone out of fashion, it looks irrelevant and adds a few unnecessary years to age. Looking at such a dress, you are mentally transported somewhere in the wedding palace, where a woman in a guipure dress concludes a sacred union of two hearts. Such a dress unequivocally hints at unnecessary deliberate formality. And in fashion now simplicity and conciseness prevail.

Alternative: Try replacing the guipure with a linen-style dress made of flowing fabric. This model is suitable for almost everyone, and you will definitely wear it more than once.

Velvet dresses

Velvet dresses were indeed popular some time ago. It’s a good thing they’re out of fashion. Such material is visually full, and this, you see, no one needs.

Alternatively, if you still want a dress made of an unusual material, adopt eco-leather. Such clothes, as a rule, sit well on the figure and hide flaws.

Dresses with an abundance of lace

A large amount of lace trim on the dress, as in the case of guipure, will not rejuvenate you. It looks kind of obsessively elegant as if you were preparing a lot. The best effect is the one when you look like you threw on the first thing that came across, created the effect of slight carelessness, but at the same time, you look amazing.

Alternative: it is better to leave lace for underwear, and if you want to emphasize your femininity, it is better to choose thin ties that are relevant now. For example, on a skirt in combination with a romantic top.

Summer Dresses

There is some dissonance in wearing summer dresses in the winter when there is snow everywhere. It is best to leave flowers and summer motifs until the period when it will be appropriate to walk them in warm weather.

Alternative: at the New Year’s holiday you want to shine, and sequins perfectly cope with this work. This is the case when you can not deny yourself them. Of course, sequins have a minus – if you are not the happy owner of an ideal figure, you should not choose a too tight-fitting model. It is good if there is a space between the dress and the body.

Dress “at the prom

At any event and in all circumstances, appropriateness is important. Even if you can not afford an expensive outfit, dressing appropriately and tastefully, you will stand out favorably against the background of pretentious outfits. By the way, about pretentious outfits – dresses “for graduation” often refer to such. Yes, we all made mistakes, but that was many years ago and no longer true.

Alternatively: let’s hide your prom dress away in the closet or finally get rid of it and pick up something concise, appropriate for the occasion, for example – a pantsuit.

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