The ideal age for marriage according to the horoscope

We are all looking for a partner for life, and some begin to do this from a very young age. Meanwhile, astrologers have calculated the optimal time for the marriage of each of us.


Up to 25 years

Aries are very impatient and angry if they have to wait even one extra minute. That is why they instantly make such fateful decisions and are ready to tie the knot just a few months after meeting a future partner. However, the stars recommend waiting a bit and making sure that your feelings are real.


30 years old

Taurus, on the contrary, are very slow and thorough. In addition, they believe in eternal love and wait long enough for the perfect partner. For them, the best age to get married is somewhere around 30.

The Ideal Age for Marriage according to the Zodiac Sign


35 years old

Representatives of this sign love their partners, but they love themselves even more. They hate boredom, and if their lover is not ready all the time for new adventures and entertainment, then their paths can easily diverge. That’s why Geminis very often get married several times. But if you want to get married once and for all, it’s best to wait until you’re at least 36.


23 — 25 years

Marriage is something sacred to Cancers who start thinking about a family from a very early age. On the other hand, it is difficult for them to leave their father’s house, which greatly complicates their personal lives. The optimal age for the wedding of representatives of this sign is 23 – 25 years.

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38 — 41 years

If you treat Leo like a king, they will very soon think about formalizing your relationship. However, finding such an impeccable partner takes a lot of time. That is why the greatest probability of marriage for them falls on the period of 38 – 41 years.


21 — 29 years

For Virgos, career is most important, but it happens that they very quickly find a suitable partner for the rest of their lives. If he or she is willing to wait, then you too should be prepared for them to do anything. The optimal age for marriage is 21 – 24 or 27 – 29 years.

The Ideal Age for Marriage according to the Zodiac Sign


20 years old

Very often, Libras get married when they are in their early 20s, followed by divorce. Only their third marriage is likely to become the most successful and last.


18 — 90 years

Representatives of this sign are extremely emotional and therefore fall in love as easily cool down. Therefore, they are characterized by a series of unsuccessful marriages, but it is fair to say that they are able to make any of them long and durable.

The Ideal Age for Marriage according to the Zodiac Sign


35 years old

Most of all, Sagittarians value freedom, so in most cases, they get married after 35. However, having made a fateful decision, they will do everything to make their marriage as successful as possible.

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