The most popular 7 kinds of dogs are 2021 “king of the burst”

Now more and more people in life to keep dogs, I believe that many people have dogs, all want to keep a more multi-person breed of dogs, today the small editor to recommend 7 kinds of most popular dogs, are 2021 “king of the burst”!

No.7: Alaskan dog

Price: 2000 to 5000

Life: 12 to 20 years

Character: Alaskan dogs are particularly docile, friendly, and lively

Disadvantages: more can eat, hair, exercise, demolition

Pros: loyalty to the master, handsome, protect the master

Breeding common sense:

Alaskan dogs should pay more attention to diet, control feeding is very important, after all, its gastrointestinal is very fragile, regular quantitative feeding is very important, which is very helpful to its intestines.

No.6: Than the Bear Dog

Price: 1000 to 3000

Life: 14 to 15 years

Character: then the bear dog character is very sticky and very docile, warm to people

Disadvantages: easy to have tears, greedy, easy to dirty

Pros: cute and charming, not taste big, less hair loss

Breeding common sense:

Inbreeding than bear dogs, to pay more attention to salt absorption, can not give it too salty, otherwise, it is easy to have tears, choose dog food best to see the chloride content, that is, salt, the lowest standard pups 0.45, adult dogs 0.09.

No.5: Corgie

Price: 2000 to 4000

Life: 12 to 15 years

Character: warm to people, no hostility, friendly, no revenge

Disadvantages: hair loss, easy to dirty, can eat

Pros: cute, high-value, pleasant

Breeding common sense:

If you have a corgie dog, then in the breeding, pay more attention to the lumbar vertebrae, do not let the koki dog often climb the stairs, which will cause damage to the lumbar spine.

No.4: Teddy dog

Price: 800 to 2000

Life: 13 to 15 years

Character: teddy dog character is very cheerful and particularly noisy, friendly to people

Disadvantages: hair fades, tears, love calls, revenge

Pros: light taste, less hair loss, cute and charming, a small amount of food

Breeding common sense:

Teddy dog is a very good breed, but in keeping to pay more attention to diet, because its hair is easy to fade, so it is recommended that the owner can feed it a dog food containing deep-sea fish oil, can supplement Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, help Teddy dog hair bright!

No.3: Bommie Dog

Price: 1000 to 3000

Life: 10 to 16 years

Character: bommie dog is also a very warm, cheerful dog, but also very sticky

Disadvantages: easy to have tears, love to cry, bite

Pros: easy to raise, less expensive, cute and charming

Breeding common sense:

It is recommended to keep bommie dog must train it more, preferably from an early age to start training, with dog snacks together so that it will not be so barking, often provoking other dogs.

No.2: Golden Retriever

Price: 1000 to 3000

Life: 12 to 15 years

Character: golden retriever is particularly docile, warm, cheerful, and does not bite

Disadvantages: hair loss, difficulty to manage, a large amount of exercise, demolition

Pros: smart, handsome, sensible, non-picky

Breeding common sense:

Raising golden dogs to pay more attention to diet, light low salt is very important, so effectively alleviate the amount of hair, dog food is best to choose nutrition comprehensive, so as to meet its needs!

No.1: Labrador

Price: 1500 to 3500

Life: 8 to 12 years

Character: labrador dogs are warm, unphobic, and docile

Disadvantages: greedy, a large amount of food, hair loss

Pros: smart, sensible, obedient, loyal to the master

Breeding common sense:

To keep labrador dogs to control the amount of feeding, otherwise, the size of labrador dogs is easy to weigh, obese labrador dogs are also prone to a variety of diseases, so regular rationing is important.

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