The phrases you should never pronounce when you look in the mirror to protect your self-love

Look in the mirror with love and don’t hurt yourself.

In recent years, many people have improved their physical and mental well-being with self-love. This has become a lifestyle for a lot of women, so it is important that we incorporate into our lives small actions that strengthen it.

For many years stereotypes about beauty, lifestyles, relationships, and various aspects of people’s daily lives predominated as formulas to achieve happiness, however, today, we understand that the first step to feeling good is to have self-love.

This has become a topic that, over time, has developed widely, so it is not only about the perception we have about ourselves, but everything we do to achieve our well-being.

This means that self-love is not just about feeling good and beautiful, but about a lifestyle that must be built by following various steps to transform our habits and ways of thinking.


In this sense, the small actions that we do every day and damage us unconsciously we must change.

This often happens with small moments such as looking in the mirror and expressing in a very negative way what we do not like.

Although it is not about convincing ourselves that we love everything, we must improve our perception and always avoid mistreating ourselves with hurtful phrases.

In this way, here we will present some of the phrases that you should never say in front of the mirror since these will not help you in your personal growth and love for yourself.

Phrases you shouldn’t say in front of the mirror

“I used to be thinner”

Don’t compare yourself to how you were a while ago. It doesn’t matter if you were thinner, with no fine lines, or with a different skin. This will only make you feel stuck, you need to work on what you want to improve with a positive outlook and realistic expectations.

“Why I’m not like her”

We are surrounded by social networks with filters, in which many people share images with retouching and the expectations of a perfect body, skin, and hair are increasingly exceeded. Remember that true beauty is in diversity and what you must learn is to show those particularities that make you special.Public speaking

Look in the mirror with love.

“I look horrible”

We are very ourselves and we tend to criticize everything we don’t like. It’s not about convincing yourself that everything enchants without doing mental work. If you are going to look in the mirror and say something, better highlight first what you do like.

Then, you can make time to think, with realistic expectations, what would make you feel better and how to achieve it in the healthiest way.

“I’m not enough”

When we look in the mirror we are not only able to see our physiques, sometimes we also reflect on our personalities, intelligence, and abilities. Always focus on how to exploit your potential, improve what is necessary, but never on “shortcomings” that you think you have.

Benefits of Strengthening Self-Love

It is important to understand that this way of leading life can be complicated at first, although it is often shown as a simple path, it consists of transforming some perceptions and accepting many aspects of our lives that, sometimes, we see negatively.

Just this is one of the main features. The positivity with which we see the most complicated situations can develop a love for ourselves, without idealizing the circumstances.

In detail, this refers to accepting that life is about processes full of positive and negative moments, so we must always accept what happens to us, live it, and move on.self-love

Give yourself self-love.

With this vision, we leave some main benefits:

More happiness: We understand that it is a relative feeling, however, when we accept that there are good and bad moments, we know how to face them, overcome them, and enjoy positive experiences more.

Positivity: In addition to accepting difficult moments and allowing ourselves to feel bad, we do not immerse ourselves in negative feelings, in such a way that the ability to see the good side of everything is developed.

Security and self-esteem: accepting yourself as you are will also make you feel valuable, safe, and with healthy self-esteem, this will bring great benefits for your health.

Law of attraction: It may seem like a fanciful vision, but the reality is that when you reflect a good attitude, people perceive it and opportunities come more easily.

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