How the marriage of convenience changes the female psyche

To understand whether the mercantile game is worth the candles, we will be with a psychologist.

Many women today agree that good relationships are built on love. Nevertheless, this was not always the case: in the Middle Ages, marriages were much more often concluded by the agreement of parents. And today there are women who prefer the storm of passion to the measuredness of capital. In the consequences of a mercantile approach to relationships for the female psyche, we will deal with our expert, clinical psychologist Anna Lastovetskaya.

What needs should the relationship meet?

Clearly, everyone’s needs are different, and this leads to different ideas about the ideal relationship. But there are also common psychological needs. This, of course, is the continuation of the family, which remains the main reason for the creation of a family today. And also the need for another adult nearby. People create couples to close the hole in their own worldview, to get emotions, mechanisms that they do not have. It is important that these “holes” should not be many – otherwise, the relationship will not be healthy. People are also united by the need for “legitimate” sex. Regular partners inspire more trust both emotionally and physiologically.

Can a woman love for providing?

When there are no emotions in a relationship, a man often tries to compensate for this with material goods. But in response, a woman most often feels gratitude, but still feels uncomfortable. No matter how well she plays, men are also not shita and sooner or later begin to feel the lack of love in return. It is important to note that the point here is not in the negative features of a woman: she can be beautiful both externally and internally, but relationships are most often built still for the sake of emotions.marriage by calculation, relationship

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How often does a woman behave in a relationship of convenience?

Due to the lack of emotions, a woman may begin to look for them on the side. Or to show hidden or open aggression, for example, to break down on taxi drivers and waiters.

Sometimes women tend to fill the emotional vacuum as soon as possible to give birth to children, and this is one of the saddest ways: such children are either too protective, or they themselves are forced to take care of their parents.

Often”wards” in such relationships fall into depression or begin to indulge in self-destruction: they abuse alcohol, are fond of extreme sports.

And in what cases can a woman be good in a marriage of convenience?

Rarely, but women are good in this format. If the original goal is to find a sponsor, then the girl often does not count on emotions. In such situations, mental problems will be less. However, there will still be difficulties: money is important, but relationships cannot be built only on them.

What to do if you have already got involved in such a relationship and you feel bad?

Trying to penetrate a man, learn to take emotions from him. Or, if not, go away and understand your needs. The worst option is to convince yourself that you only care about money.

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