The rules of a healthy lifestyle, in which it is high time to stop believing

It turns out we were talking about red meat in vain. And with daily walking, everything is not so simple.

It seems to us that in recent years we have learned everything about a healthy lifestyle: eat right, regularly be in the fresh air, play sports …

Everything seems reasonable and logical. Only now, some rules we either interpret incorrectly or new research proves that our knowledge is outdated. Examples of such, now irrelevant postulates, were given on the air of the program “About the most important” by the doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov.

Dr. Myasnikov called the outdated rules of healthy lifestyle

Myth #1: Red meat is bad for your health.

Previously, it was believed that it provokes an increase in cholesterol and the development of atherosclerosis. But now nutritionists recommend that it be included in the diet.

“A whole generation of nutritionists anathematized red meat, saying that you should eat only chicken. There were works about its harm, about the fact that the fats that it contains, animals, provoke an increase in cholesterol, atherosclerosis, increase the risks of heart attacks and strokes, “Alexander Myasnikov recalled. – But now all the initial data have been revised and the conclusions have been made anew. In relation to heart disease, red meat is not harmful at all, on the contrary, it is an invaluable source of many useful vitamins and trace elements. “

But you still should not abuse it. The doctor recommends including red meat in the diet no more than three times a week. Because it is still a risk factor for intestinal oncology.

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Myth #2: Every day you need to walk 10 thousand steps

You walk and walk, you look at the pedometer and you look. And ten thousand everything is not recruited and is not recruited. Where do they come from if they’re at work all day? And it seems that even a swim in the pool does not compensate for the lack of walking.

“10,000 steps is not mandatory, but an approximate amount of physical activity,” says Myasnikov. – Actually, it’s very arbitrary, who counts these steps. If you don’t like walking, swim. If you don’t like to swim, run.

The main thing is to move. Hypodynamia is a factor in the development of not only cardiovascular diseases, but also oncology. If you don’t move, your hormonal system changes, your insulin resistance changes. Movement is life.”

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Myth #3: Omega-3 drugs are ineffective

A few years ago, a number of nutritionists began to promote the theory that capsules with fatty acids are not effective and are nothing more than a marketing ploy. Alexander Myasnikov disagrees.

Of course, natural fish oil is healthier than the one contained in capsules. But it also helps to normalize cholesterol levels, as well as cleanse blood vessels and thin the blood. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids are useful for arrhythmias.

“For the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, you need to eat fatty sea fish,” Myasnikov said.

Myth #4: Sugar Improves Brain Function and Boosts Mood

I ate the candy and my mood improved. I put two spoonfuls of sugar in my tea, and life became kind of sweeter, and the work went more fun. But it’s only visible – two. And how much sugar do we actually eat?

“In all sausages, pastries, drinks, there is a lot of hidden sugar, the belly grows, insulin resistance is growing, as a result of type II diabetes, as well as the risks of obesity and oncology,” says Alexander Myasnikov categorically. “Obesity is generally an epidemic in the modern world.”

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