Turn on the imagination: 5 ideas for New Year’s gifts for the child

The magic holiday is already nearby, and the most important people who need to buy gifts under the tree are the children who are waiting for the New Year more than anyone else in the world.



A great idea for a gift for a child between the ages of 1.5 and 12. After all, this is not just a soft toy in the form of a kitten, pony, fox, hare, or other cute and beloved by children character, but also a warm cozy sweatshirt. It is made of very pleasant to the touch breathable cotton, which does not cause allergies and is easily washed in a machine.

There’s also a fleece version that’s more affordable. A jacket will appeal not only to the child but also to the parent, who will no longer need to think about what to wear to the child in the cold winter season.


Children's construction set

Another universal gift that can be of interest to both a teenager and a younger child. For kids, designers are sold in the form of simple and large parts, and for those who are older – more solid designs. The cost of sets is sometimes off the scale, but for those who do not care about belonging to the brand, you can find a cheaper alternative – an analog of the Chinese manufacturer.

Board game

Board game

A chic leisure option for holiday holidays. If you decide to give a child a board game, then there is also an age spread – you can find options for both a 3-year-old child and a teenager. And the most important thing is that you can play them with the whole family. It’s incredibly bringing you closer together! Recently, we shared with you a selection of the best New Year’s board games. Maybe you’ll like some of them.

Attributes of a Wizard

Harry Potter

Which of the children did not dream of receiving the long-awaited letter from Hogwarts! Fans of Harry Potter are not only those who grew up on it at the moment when the first film was just released but also other generations. The scary wizard conquers everyone.

New Year is the time to please the child with attributes from your favorite movie. So, in “Mosigra” there are on sale magic wands, a snitch, figures of an oak Bukli, piggy banks in the spirits of a goblin bank, and much more.

Winter accessories


In winter, among the popular gifts, there are those that can be used on the street. For example, tubing or ice. With its help, the child will enjoy riding the slides. You can buy a sled, and if the child knows how to ski or snowboard (we are talking about a teenager), this will also be an excellent option for a New Year’s gift.

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