The Winners Of The Greatest Photoshop Battles Ever

We’ve published a number of Photoshop Battles on Bored Panda over the years, ranging from fierce hawks and uncomfortable half-cats to naked guinea pigs and superhero squirrels, but this time we’re giving you a collection of the internet’s best Photoshop battles.

Before and after photographs from some of our best PS battles ever fought are included in the list below. Tell us which ones you think are the best, and don’t forget to vote for the funniest!

  1. This Badass Hawk

2. This Dog-Friendly Gate

3. A Frog With Snails On Its Head, Resembling Princess Leia

4. Capybara With Some Squirrel Monkeys

5. Fox Smelling A Flower

6. This Alpaca Judging Your Driving Ability

7. Leonardo Dicaprio Hiding From Paparazzi

8. This City Needs Me

9. Cat In Tree Stump

10. Happy Dog Wearing A Tiara

11. Mr. Seal Your Girl

12. Bird By A Space Heater

13. You Will Learn Respect. And Suffering Will Be Your Teacher

14. Bet My Food

15. This Unflattering Picture Of Donald Trump

16. A Dog In A Tree

17. Perfect Pear Butt Photoshop Battle

18. Surprise

19. Boondog Saints

20. This Squirrel Doing A Super Hero Pose

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