The World’s Best Photos Announced for AGORA Awards

Is it fair to argue that photographs are an effective form of communication? Isn’t it ridiculous? Wait till you see these stunning pictures from the AGORA Awards Photography Contest 2019, which received 130,000 entries. We hope you are as inspired and impressed as we were.

1. Enjoying The Rain
Rain in the forest brings fresh life to many of the forest’s inhabitants, especially in places where it doesn’t rain frequently.
We have no concerns about the photographer capturing a lovely red-eyed tree frog in West Java, and we have no complaints about why this shot was chosen.

2. A Special Spice
Humans have been searching for ways to communicate with gods and ancestors for millennia. Have they been successful? There are differing viewpoints on the subject.
A lady is seen here working in an incense field. Incense is said to connect living people with their ancestors and gods.

3. It’s Meal Time
There isn’t much to hunt in the desert since there aren’t many creatures that can withstand the scorching heat.
This sand wasp, on the other hand, struck it rich and is returning home with a meal.

4. Freedom Fighting Done with Music
Even though we live in a free society, there are still locations where people are struggling for freedom.
Here is a photograph that speaks a thousand words: it depicts the silent battle for freedom.

5. Reaching for Heaven
We can make this world a paradise if we work together. However, it appears that we are doing nothing to address the situation.
The Mont Saint Michel appears to be attempting to reach heaven after becoming lost in the fog.

6. A Daily Struggle
This fisherman is catching fish by tossing nets into the water of Situ Patenggang Lake, and it seems incredible, right?
However, what it truly illustrates to us is this fisherman’s daily struggle as the fish stock declines due to water pollution and overfishing.

7. Double Rainbow Spotted Accidently
A double rainbow happens when light is reflected twice in a drop, and they are very uncommon.
The photographer noticed the double rainbow while crossing a bridge in the Lofoten Islands and snapped a shot right away.

8. Veins of the Earth
Global warming is being caused by deforestation and pollution, which is ruining the world and making it uninhabitable.
With an image taken in East Sussex, the photographer attempted to depict the earth’s veins. The Cuckmere River divides the meadows in an enthralling fashion.

9. Carrying the World On Her Shoulders
This picture is capable of depicting a real-life situation. There are those of us who have a lot more responsibility on our shoulders than we should.
An ant appears to be carrying the weight of the entire planet in this image, which is both beautiful and thought-provoking.

10. A Glimpse of True Friendship
Lizards search for bugs, flies, and other small insects, but typically avoid contact with other animals due to their timid nature.
A photographer was able to catch a lovely moment between a lizard and a harmless snail in this image.

11. Pure Joy
Kids usually find a way to occupy themselves, and they seem to find happiness and delight in even the things that adults consider unimportant.
At the Hsinbyume Pagoda, these youthful monks found a way to have fun.

12. Life without Colors is Dull
We must realize that life is too brief to live in a black-and-white world. There are hues that beautify the world around us.
These colorfully dressed women are fishing in West Bengal before selling their catch at the market.

13. A Huge Desert and Tiny Humans
The Sahara desert has a total area of 9,200,000 square kilometers. Despite this, people there continue to employ the same means of transportation as their forefathers used decades ago.
Without worrying about the heat or distance, the photographer was able to take a shot of Nomads walking through the Sahara desert.

14.  A Special Mother-Child Bond
The relationship between a mother and her child is one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see.
At the Tenerife Zoo, the photographer waited more than two hours to catch a sweet moment between a chimpanzee and its child.

15. Snow Horseman
This isn’t a scene from a movie. The photograph provides an insight into the lives of Mongolian horse herders.
The entire life of a horse herder in Magnolia appears to revolve on horses.

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