There are three major differences between English and American short

Both English and American shorts are short-haired cats, and their differences are mainly expressed in these three areas:

1, Five different

The Short Face is round and looks fat, which is a typical round face.

The short face is thin and looks beautiful, similar to the “melon face”.

2, Different body shape

British short body round, easy to get fat, do not love sports, our common English short blue cat is generally “blue fat.”

Short body slender, thinner, they are strong sports, strong limbs, good at mouse hunting, so not easy to get fat.

3, Different personality

English short gentle and lovely, lazy and quiet, although curiosity is strong, usually will be lazy lying on the side, will not jump up and down;

Short meek sticky people, lively and active, it is smart and brave, basically quiet, every day need adequate exercise.

The Beauty Short and the English Short which is better to raise

Beauty shorts and English shorts are short-haired cats, hair is better to care for, but also love clean cats. The United States’ short sports ability is strong, every day need to climb up and down, to the evening is not easy to stop, feeding owners like lively kittens, you can choose beauty shorts. English short is a comparison of “Buddhist” cats, eat and sleep every day, occasionally play, most of the time are lazy lying, lying down, do not love sports, like quiet and love the cat’s owner, you can choose English shortly.

All said that exercise can maintain health, in terms of physical fitness, naturally is the United States shorter than a better, short British exercise less, the body is prone to fat, naturally will cause a lot of diseases, this aspect is easy to let the owner worry.

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