There is a problem: our children in kindergartens are fed incorrectly

Doctors are outraged by the nutrition in kindergartens and have filed a petition at the federal level. Doctors demand to change sanitary standards and develop a new menu. What is wrong with the food in kindergartens?

Calories, salt and sugar

Children are offered too many calories, free sugars, and salt, while not enough fiber, omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, and vegetable protein. The problem is not in a particular garden or food factory but in current sanitary standards. For example, there is the phrase “minimum amount of sugar”, but there is no maximum amount.

It turns out that if the plant puts dishes in the kindergarten in which the total amount of free sugars will be 2-3 times higher than normal, it will not violate any norms at all.

In addition, there is no breakdown of carbohydrates into free sugars and fiber. In fact, fruits are replaced with juices, and at the same time the layout of the CBJU remains the same, and there is no violation. However, juice or compote is not a substitute for whole fruit. An apple is a fruit, and I apple juice is free sugars as defined by the WHO.

The same story with fats – only the norm for the total amount is observed. But there are those that WHO recommends reducing in the diet – saturated, and there are those that should be preferred – unsaturated. Judging by the technological maps and the menu itself, saturated ones prevail in kindergartens.

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It is urgent to change the norms before it is too late

“Together with the doctors of the DocDeti clinic, we propose to include the amount of fiber and saturated/unsaturated fats in the controlled menu parameters, as well as to set an upper limit of free sugars and salt. Pediatrician and gastroenterologist Olga Goryacheva has already raised this issue in the Union of Pediatricians of Russia, “emphasizes Victoria Vishnyakova.

Doctors will defend the need to change the menu of kindergartens at the round table of the Congress of Pediatricians of Russia, following which they should make a resolution on the malnutrition of children.

Regular imbalances in nutrition are a risk factor for obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Nutrition is an important variable risk factor for these diseases in both adults and children. If lawmakers take the initiative, children’s nutrition will become balanced. No exoticism, huge budget, and radical methods are required.

A similar initiative was proposed by pediatric neonatologist Anna Levadnaya and public health nutritionist Maria Kardakova. According to WHO recommendations, the consumption of sugar in children aged 4-6 years should not exceed 20 grams per day. In Russian kindergartens, there is a norm that is one and a half times higher than these recommendations – 47 g of sugar per day. The authors of the petition demand to reduce the sugar content in the diet of preschool children.

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How the health of our children suffers

The topic of unbalanced nutrition in kindergartens and schools has been actively discussed for more than a year. There are studies that confirm the negative impact of the current diet on the health of children.

The most important problems are the development of obesity, diabetes, decreased immunity, deficiency of iron, iodine and other trace elements.

The Federation of Educational Projects in the Field of Personalized Preventive Medicine and Conscious Health Management cited statistics on problems in children. Thus, being overweight at the age of 11 years occurs in 18.6% of boys and 14.3% of girls. Obesity at the same age affects 18.6% of boys and 9.2% of girls.

According to statistics of children’s eating disorders, 42% of girls already in grades 1-3 want to be slimmer, and 81% of children aged 10 are afraid of being fat.

The Agency for Strategic Initiatives is now conducting an opinion poll on children’s nutrition. Parents who are concerned about the topic of healthy eating can answer 7 questions and express their attitude to the diet in kindergartens and schools. The online opinion poll will last until December 20.

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