These 14 Weird Plants Prove That Nature Can Be Weird At Times

Today, we’re going to discover together 14 unique plants that bloom on our beautiful planet. Let’s see!

  1. Pleiospilos nelii  “Split Rock” (sort of like my rock plant) first on the unusual plants list

2. Kalanchoe thyrsyflora “Flapjacks” (winding little fellow)

3. Crassula “Buddha’s Temple” (looks much like a futuristic 3D rendering)

4. Gentiana urnula “Tibetan Starfish”

5. Aloe peglerae “Fez Aloe” (some sort of Aloe Vera?)

6. Pilosocereus leucocephalus “Wooly Torch” (Am I the only one who sees a dog first here?)

7. Oxalis palmifrons “Palm Leaf Oxalis”

8. Cheiridopsis candidissima “Carpet Weed” (Wait! Did someone say weed?)

9. Stenocactus multicostatus “Brain Cactus”

10. Crassula “Pangolin”

11. Titanopsis variegate “Living Rock” (It’s alive!)

12. Cleistocactus strausii “Silver Torch” (is it just me that can’t really see the torch here?)

13. Blue Echeveria (looks very nice, but where are the leaves?)

14. Pelecyphora aselliformis “Peyotillo” (quite an introvert, hmmm)

Please let us know if you enjoyed these strange plants as much as we did! We’re not sure where you can get one, but it’s good to know they exist. This world has so much in store for us, you know.

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