These are the harms that an absent parent can cause in parenting

Emotional absence also leaves the same sequelae as a physical absence.

Specialized media show a devastating figure: at least 40% of children live daily with the sadness of having an absent father, which causes them strong damage to their emotional and mental health.

Children need a reference to growing, that is, someone from whom to learn about life and give them their company, love, and support when they need it, so when this is missing, serious affective deficiencies are generated.

Effects of having an absent parent

Bad behavior

According to Infant Stage, one of the most frequent signs in children that there is a lot of loneliness and lack of adequate attention is misconduct, because they use it as a shield to protect themselves.

About what? Of his “deepest feelings of abandonment, fear, and unhappiness.” This can also mean adults who live with a careless attitude, who are arrogant, distrustful, impulsive, or suffering from depression.

Los niños deben disfrutar su infancia

Difficulty in interpersonal relationships

For all the above, it is normal for them to become young people or adults with poor skills to relate to others in a good way.

Not only because of their attitudes and their distrust but everything is focused on their low self-esteem. You will be unable to believe in yourself, you will have a hard time making important decisions, you will have a hard time committing, you will feel fear of rejection, anxiety and stress.

An inner void

Also, one of the most common emotional damages of the absent father is to feel that this lack of affection from their parents in childhood accompanies them forever with a feeling of emptiness, loneliness, and sadness.

Therefore, the unserved inner child must be healed through therapy, regardless of the time that has passed since childhood.

The first step begins by understanding and forgiving the one who did not fulfill his role in the past and attending to the wounds in the present through psychological therapy.

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