These Incredible Pictures Demonstrate How Bad Canadian Winters Can Be

In the winter, most northern areas are cold and snowy, but nothing compares to the insane amounts of snow and freezing temperatures in Canada. This year, Canada was slammed by the biggest blizzard in more than a half-century. People are flocking to the internet to share these amusing yet crazy photographs of how they are dealing with the massive snowfall. Grab a blanket and a hot chocolate, and be thankful you’re not stuck in this wild Canadian snowstorm.

  1. “So I Guess We Are Staying Inside Today”
    When these people opened their door, they thought it was the doorbell ringing, but it was just the snow slamming against their door. It was freezing outside, and the snow wanted to get inside.

2. The Next Ice Age
“Good day, there! Do you have something to eat? In millions of years, I haven’t eaten anything.” This dinosaur is quite invasive, yet he is probably chilled because to their lack of experience with winter.

3. “Where’s My Car?”
“You’re still coming to work, right?” says your supervisor when you phone. “I’m afraid I’ll be late. I can’t seem to find my car.”

"Where's My Car?"

4. Canadian Romantic Settings
Even if you live in Canada and there is a snowstorm, you may still find ways to enjoy some time outside. These people created a romantic atmosphere in their garden by lighting candles close to a snow wall that had formed.

5. When You Leave The Sunroof Open
He had just had his license for a week when he neglected to close the sunroof before one of the heaviest snowstorms on record. Some lessons are only learned through trial and error.

6. Horror Movie Or Blizzard
Do not enter the light! Before snatching you and pulling you into the cold abyss, the snow monsters are waiting for you to stumble out into the open.

7. Where Did The Houses Go?
That is a terrifying sight. Are these folks confined to their homes or are they able to leave through the front door? Hopefully, no one is claustrophobic inside.

Where Did The Houses Go?

8. It’s Over 7 ft Tall
People who see these photos of Canada’s snow will almost certainly never grumble about 8 inches of snow again. This man is 6 feet tall, yet the snow towers over him.

9. Time To Hibernate
Is this an inside look at the properties on the list that were buried in snow earlier? Now that their house is buried with snow, these residents are living in darkness.

10. When The Fridge Is Full
When Mother Nature provides a free cooler for your Coke, it’s a tremendous win. This is one technique to improvise and gain some extra cooling room if the fridge is full.

11. He Is Trying To Dig His Way Out
He built his own snow house for his dog. It has air conditioning and a yellow snow-covered floor. Despite the fact that he has his own snow house, he prefers the warmth of his human’s home.

12. “I Found A Car!”
This person eventually discovered a buried car after approximately an hour of excavating, but was it their car? Consider how long it would take to dig out the rest of the vehicle.

13. “Whose Turn Is It To Shovel The Driveway?”
You can only image how difficult it would be to find out how to shovel this driveway! There had to be some kind of huge machinery involved.

14. An Intricate Igloo
This house was engulfed in ice and snow, giving it the appearance of a ghost house or a stronghold of loneliness.

15. “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?”
Olaf knocked on your door and asked if you’d like to help him make a snowman to be his friend. He is adamant that you go outside and play with him.

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