Things an expert in cleanliness and order would never do at home

Cleanliness and order affect your mood. A house in which all rooms are well organized and clean makes you feel much calmer and more relaxed. If you live surrounded by chaos and dirt, your stress will end up affecting your daily life in one way or another. Therefore, from El Mueble we have made this list of 12 essential tips that are sure to be followed by the experts of cleaning and order. Because they are mistakes we think they would never make! And you? Do you meet all the points?


To keep a house clean it is essential to have the cleaning products tidy. To achieve this, allocate a closet or a part of it to store all the cleaning utensils, such as cloths, savings, cloths, and others -in a clear and orderly way- where each object has its place. In addition, whenever you want to find a particular product you will know where you have saved it and you will find it easily.


washer-and-dryer-in-kitchen 00499868 O© washer-and-dryer-in-kitchen 00499868 O

The same goes for the laundry area. If you have enough space at home (we know that not everyone can afford it), it is worth creating a specific area to do the laundry. Place the washer and dryer as close as possible and use a shelf or drawer to store detergents and textile soaps.

3. Buy food without taking into account the pantry

Many people are used to doing weekly or monthly shopping all at once. In these cases, before going to the supermarket, review what you lack and what you do not, unless you buy something you already have and it ends up expiring. You should also be aware of the storage space you have available.

Think that you will not take advantage of that time invested in the purchase if you do not keep up to date with a list of what you have and the space you have left. Also, calculate the real space and buy what you need also taking into account the storage space you have.

4. Say that you will leave something “for later”

An expert in order and cleanliness would never say the well-known phrase of “I leave this for later” or “I will clean this tomorrow”. Cleanliness has a lot to do with responsibility and mental discipline: don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today. Certain habits as soon as you get up and before bed prevent dirt and chaos from spreading through your house. No more excuses!

5. Remove food from its original packaging

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It is always more beautiful and tidy, but one of the main handicaps of taking the products out of their original containers is that you lose the information of their expiration date. If you do not like how the food looks on its packaging, solve it with simple and practical labels on each bottle, where you can write the date by hand.

However, experts say that other relevant and necessary information for the consumer is also lost, such as hazard pictograms, accident warnings, or the producer’s phone.

Above all, it is very important that you never change the cleaning products from their original packaging, as children, the elderly, and pets could get confused and come into contact with them, and even ingest them.


The guitar, the balls, the books, the backpacks… Do they have wheels or legs? If they do not have either of these two options, they must be stored in a closet or hung from a coat rack. The visual order is also very important: you should not fill the rooms with obstacles that prevent the fluidity of the decoration. It also tries that the order does not hinder the hygiene and cleanliness of the rooms.

7. Over-compartmentalized with boxes and containers

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Although visually it helps, we should not overload the closets of the bedroom, office, or kitchen with boxes and containers. Although clothing – for example – is much more organized, do not use them for anything other than the essentials.

Think that it is one thing to use boxes in a storage room, where it is important to keep things closed and well labeled, and quite another is the day to day of a kitchen, dressing room or work area, where you must reach everything in an accessible and fast way.


Cleaning professionals do not cross-contaminate. There are things that should not be mixed, especially when it comes to bathrooms and kitchens. Therefore, dedicate a set of cleaning rags, brushes, and other supplies only to the bathroom, and another pack only for the kitchen.

If you think about it, it doesn’t make any sense to spread the fat from meals on all surfaces of the living room, any more than it makes sense to take the dog’s hair from the sofa to the kitchen.

9. Have countertops covered with stuff

Detail of kitchen countertop with wooden cutting boards 00528732© Detail of kitchen countertop with wooden cutting boards 00528732

clean and tidy kitchen is achieved, in large part, if we manage to have the countertop in order. And keeping the countertop organized can be difficult, especially in small kitchens, where you don’t know where to place utensils and accessories.

Also, you should be clear that you can not use countertops as if they were a shelf to store things. An expert always maintains a strict routine of organization and cleaning on the countertops so that they are always looking good.

10. Tidy up children’s rooms without the children

It is important to educate children also about order and cleanliness. If they get used to organizing their things after using them, they will be much more orderly in adolescence and in their adult life. Also, children should be, as far as possible, in the process of sorting out their most precious belongings, the toys!

11. Save what you don’t need

Detail coffee table with candles 00495607© Detail coffee table with candles 00495607

Despite how cute that bowl is, or how nice that figurine is to me, it is manual to avoid keeping everything you do not need. Always buy and accumulate with your head: what does not have a clear function, or is only filling with dust on a shelf, it is because you do not need it anymore.

What you are not going to use, you are not going to enjoy, so get rid of everything that clouds your mind and prevents you from cleaning with tranquility.

12. Place objects on top of high cabinets

Placing some decorative objects on top of the furniture gives a very informal touch, but beware; however, we should not put them on top of the high cabinets, such as those in the kitchen: it costs a lot to access that area and is not cleaned frequently, so they end up being a focus of dirt and dust.

Therefore, we recommend placing decorative objects in places of easy access and where it is easier to clean them or lift them to clean the shelf. In addition, the guests will be able to appreciate these pieces in a better way, while in the high furniture they would surely not even notice.

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