Tricks we learned from Kendall Jenner to wear sexy necklines with little bust

You don’t have to be voluptuous to look fashionable and very sensual.

To look sexy it is not necessary to have a certain breast size because it is reflected from confidence and self-love. For samples, the model Kendall Jenner usually matches her wardrobe choices without needing to be as voluptuous as the rest of her Kardashian sisters.

The socialite has very well studied what it is that fits her well and how to take advantage of her attributes with little size in the bra and without ceasing to look beautiful.

The tricks of décocot for women of little bust in the style of Kendall Jenner

Criss-cross escote

The 25-year-old knows that thanks to her bust she can play and have fun with almost any type of blouses, especially those with deep criss-cross, also known as lace-up, which are flattering for fine-tuning the figure and giving the feeling of volume in that area.

Kendall knows how to use deep necklines to her advantage.- Pinterest Zimbio.

According to Hola, these are quite versatile because you can create a more or less pronounced opening, and the best thing is that you can wear it even in dresses or a body.


Also, among the most repeated garments by Kendall Jenner, there is always room for straight v necklines or with draping effect because the depth of her designs, in addition to always being among the trends, are suggestive, comfortable, and versatile.

The volume on the shoulders also helps project larger breasts.- Pinterest PopSugar.

In the case of women with little busts, they can wear it as pronounced as they wish because it always manages to look elegant.

In bardot necklines kendall Jenner also shines

However, if you are one of those who prefer to stay more demure and sensual, the Bardot or sagging shoulders work couple looks fabulous because your breasts will always look in the right place compared to girls who have a lot of breasts.

Not only do the pronounced necklines serve to look beautiful and elegant.- Pinterest PopSugar.

This gives them the possibility to include crop tops, short dresses, or blouses ideal for the spring-summer season.

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