Visual challenge: do you see the sofa different from the rest?

This September, El Mueble magazine comes with more pages than ever! It is a special dedication to one of the most important spaces of the house: the living room. Therefore, as it could not be otherwise, the visual challenge of this week has as its protagonist its star furniture. Will you be able to find the sofa differently? The game starts, now!

visual challenge finds the sofa different
© The Furniture visual challenge finds the sofa different

Solving the visual challenge

Do you think that the protagonist of the visual challenge could be the perfect sofa of El Mueble? Notes. The most important thing for our interior designers is that the sofa has classic shapes to gain elegance and light tones to give light and fit with any decorative style. In this issue of the magazine, you will find a super shopping with 70 basics.

What do you say, do we go shopping after finding the solution to the visual challenge? Well, we don’t entertain you anymore, keep swiping to see the solution to the riddle…

solution visual challenge finds the sofa different
© The Furniture solves visual challenge finds the sofa different

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