WC: the mistake you all make when washing your toilet

In addition to being useless, cleaning your toilet with bleach can also be dangerous. Explanations.

To make your toilets whiter than white, you astic them every week with a lot of bleach? You are committing a serious mistake, without necessarily knowing it… Indeed, this product is absolutely not suitable for cleaning the toilet. In the long run, it can even turn out to be harmful to your health.

Bleach does not clean, it whitens

The first thing to know is that bleach does not clean. If you thought you would remove grime and limescale from your bowl by applying this product, it will not work, since it does not contain any surfactants. On the other hand, it is quite suitable for whitening, discoloring, and disinfecting.

By pouring bleach into your toilet, you will whiten the limestone that is embedded in it, which will give an illusion of cleanliness … but this famous limestone will always be present on the walls. It will not take long to regain a yellowish tint the next time you need relief.

A risk of inhalation of toxic gas

In addition, using this household product poses a health risk. Scientifically speaking, it consists of chlorine dissolved in a solution of potash – hence its name sodium hypochlorite. Accidentally pouring it on the hands or worse, in the eyes, can cause serious burns. But, even if you handle it carefully, you expose yourself to dangers…

In a report by La Quotidien on France 5, relayed by Femme Actuelle in 2018, chemist Cécile Pebay explained that when bleach comes into contact with acid or ammonia, it results in an emanation of toxic gases. “Chloramine and dichlorine are very irritating gases to the respiratory tract and eyes,” she said.

However, most household products contain acid or ammonia. Including the traditional white vinegar. If you’ve used it to clean your toilet and then pour bleach into it, you may get intoxicated. Even more, the urine itself contains ammonia. To avoid any danger, your toilet should be perfectly clean before pouring sodium hypochlorite.

Bleach, a danger for the environment

Finally, bleach is a real disaster for the environment. When you pour it into your toilet, it is evacuated through the pipes before being discharged with the wastewater. From then on, it evaporates and turns into organochlorines, neurotropic toxicants that accumulate in the air and in the earth. If you have a septic tank, bleach will simply kill the bacteria it contains, and therefore make it ineffective.

But then, how to clean your toilet effectively? Several options are available to you. You can, for example, scrub the inside of the bowl with a brush with a little black soap or a handful of soda crystals, rinse, and then pour white vinegar over the edges in order to dissolve the remaining limescale.

Another technique is to pour into your toilet a liter of boiling water in which you will have previously dissolved 2 tablespoons of percarbonate soda. Leave on for a quarter of an hour before rubbing and hunting.

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