We finally know if it is better to do sports in the morning or in the evening

This is one of the most searched questions on search engines and the answer to which is still unknown until today. If you have managed to motivate yourself to play sports, you want to maximize your efforts by practicing a session at the best possible time.

There are many contradictory studies on the time of day to prefer when you want to play sports. Here are some answers.

A question of individual and habit

Each individual has their own circadian rhythm, an internal clock that allows the brain to be more focused and perform better at certain times of the day. Someone who is used to doing his workout in the morning will force his body to be reactive muscularly at that time. This is the case for athletes who have a very specific schedule with sessions with fixed schedules. A person who does not exercise regularly and does not follow a strict schedule, the body will perform less depending on the time of day chosen.

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Sport in the morning

Very early in the morning, it is impossible to do too intense activities that put a lot of strain on the heart and joints such as jogging or weight training. Working out in the morning would promote restful sleep and lower blood pressure. According to a study by the University of Copenhagen, muscles would be more efficient to use sugars and lipids that we want to get rid of. Morning sports would also save energy for the day.

Sport in the afternoon

« The human being is programmed to think in the morning, be physically active in the afternoon and recover in the evening ” explains Le Figaro the chronobiologist Damien Davenne. Scientists believe that the 3 pm-7 pm period would be the best time of day to exercise because digestion is over, body temperature is at its maximum, and sugar levels are constant. For weight training sessions, prefer 5 pm because it is the peak of muscle strength, and for cardio between 2 pm and 6 pm because calories burn faster.

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And in the evening?

It is generally recommended to avoid sports at least two hours before going to sleep as it can delay falling asleep by raising body temperature and boosting the production of adrenaline and cortisol, both exciting. Yet no study agrees on the subject. Some researchers even indicate that late exercise reduces appetite and prolongs energy expenditure long after the session.

So, rather morning or evening?

Well, in reality, there will never be an answer to that question. It all depends on your personal biological rhythm. Those who practice sports in the morning will not have a drop in energy at midday while late risers will be at the top of their form… at 8 pm. Added to this are availability and motivation. Clearly, the best is to choose the schedule that suits you and try to hold it regularly to achieve better sessions.

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