We teach you 3 different ways to wear a white shirt

If you need ideas to create new outfits with clothes you already have in your closet, we teach you how to wear a shirt in different ways.

A white shirt is a basic compliment that can not be missing in the wardrobe. This is because it is such a versatile garment that it can be used in casual and formal looks alike just by changing the accessories and the way it is worn. If you need ideas to create new outfits with clothes that you already have in your closet, then we teach you how to use a shirt in different ways for each occasion.

Ways to transform a white women’s shirt

Night look

A white shirt can be the key piece in a casual evening look, whether for a meeting or a date. To change its appearance, you just have to place on top a top of the same shade as your pants and add your favorite ankle boots or boots. Also, you can complement it with a leather jacket to protect yourself from low temperatures.

white blouse

white blouse with blacktop and ankle boots for a night look

Formal and comfortable outfit

To go to the office and put together an everyday outfit that allows you to look professional and comfortable at the same time, combine your white shirt with neutral color pants. To make sure you wear a stylized figure, choose a straight or flared cut at the waist and complement your look with platforms or flats.

white blouse

Casual look by day

To change the appearance of your shirt, there are many ways to wear it in addition to the traditional way. You can create an off-the-shoulder look by buttoning the third leaf of your garment at the height of your chest and arranging the neck below the shoulders. This trick is perfect to be done with a shirt larger than yours or you can even use it to reuse a men’s shirt.

You can combine it with jeans, leggings or shorts and tennis shoes, or your favorite heels.

white blouse

white blouse with jeans for a casual look

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