Weeds: how to get rid of them?

Do you have weeds growing in your garden and don’t know how to get rid of them? There are several tricks so that these weeds do not come back to bother you anymore! Version Femina explains everything in this article!

Making war on weeds is often quite a story. They are persistent and come back very often, even after they have been torn off. Especially since they absorb nutrients from the earth essential for the proper development of your other plants. It is therefore imperative to remove them so that your plants remain healthy. Here are several things to follow to make weeds disappear from your daily life:

  • Remove weeds by hand. Even if the task is long and tedious, you will have a good result. You just have to pull on the plant to pull it out to the root so that it does not grow back again.
  • Tools are your allies. They can give you a hell of a boost to remove weeds. You can take a weeder, a hoe, a weeding knife or even a rak.
  • Get rid of it at the garbage dump. You will be able to throw away all your green waste, a simple and practical solution.
  • Compost. You can, if you wish, throw your weeds in your compost. They will have to be deposited in the center of the bin.
  • Prohibition to burn them. The law does not allow weeds to be burned. Because they are considered household waste. Pollution, odours and discomfort caused to neighbours, as well as the risk of starting fires are all the reasons for this ban.
  • Natural weed killers. They will allow you to remove weeds in a sustainable and ecological way. You can use white vinegar, baking soda or nettle manure.

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