What accessories to protect yourself from the sun on the balcony?

Laid out as a green area or relaxation area, the balcony is usually a dedicated location for having a good time. Thus it is necessary to install an accessory to protect yourself from the sun. We have made this selection to offer you the best devices to install on the balcony in order to relax in the shade.

Laid out as a green area or relaxation area, the balcony is usually a dedicated location for having a good time. Thus it is necessary to install an accessory to protect yourself from the sun. We have made this selection to offer you the best devices to install on the balcony in order to relax in the shade.

Some tips for arranging a balcony

To have a practical and relaxing balcony, it is necessary to successfully arrange it. To do this, here are some tips.

  • Define your needs

Before embarking on the project of fitting out a balcony, it is important to define the needs of users.

  • Ensure user privacy

To take full advantage of this space, it is recommended to install a device to protect yourself from the opposite. For this, there are several solutions:

  • Install plants;
  • Use vertical blinds;
  • Opt for a veiling.

These accessories are also good sunscreens.

  • Choosing the flooring

Several types of floors can coat the balcony. The most used are:

  • The tiles for its robustness and longevity;
  • Synthetic turf for its price and aesthetics;
  • The outdoor carpet for its economic aspect;
  • The gratings to have a balcony at the pace of a terrace.

The type of cladding and style of the balcony must agree.

  • Opt for an original decoration

A balcony can be decorated in several ways. It is possible to use several practical and decorative objects such as:

  • Carpets;
  • Lanterns;
  • The ottomans;
  • Etc.

Choosing the right decoration accessories allows you to define the atmosphere of the space.

The editor’s choice: the Outsunny reclining parasol

To bring shade to the balcony, installing an umbrella remains the easiest solution. This is because it can be moved easily. We specially chose this Outsunny parasol, because it offers good protection from the sun with its dimensions of 2 x 1.5 x 2.3 m. In addition, made of high-density polyester 180g/m², it allows a perennial use. In addition, its 6 bamboo wood spacers are lined to ensure its stability and durability. In addition, this large model parasol offers optimal safety of use thanks to a safety locking mechanism when it is in the open position. Finally, the mast is removable in two parts thus facilitating its storage and transport in case of need. Note that the parasol foot is not provided.

The elegant SIMPVALE veiling

Light compared to a curtain, the veiling is also convenient to protect yourself from the vis-à-vis and the sun while decorating the balcony. We have selected this SIMPVALE veil, because being white in color, it is elegant and fits with all colors. In addition, it is semi-transparent allowing you to enjoy the soft sunlight. Sold in pairs and ready to install, each panel includes 8 eyelets and measures 160 cm in height and 140 cm in width. In addition, this veil is made of high-quality polyester fabric, promising increased strength. In addition, it preserves its shine for a long time, does not shrink even after many washes, and dries quickly. Finally, it switches to the washing machine. With each wash, it is recommended to use cold water, and then dry the veil by tumble at low temperature. In addition, sharp objects are to be avoided to scratch them.

The VidaXL vertical roller blind

Installing a blind is also a good way to fully enjoy your balcony. Indeed, this device is an excellent solar shield that is both elegant and sober. Today, there is a wide variety of models on the market. We chose this VidaXL vertical rolling blind because its principle of operation is simple. It can be rolled up and down using a crank. In addition, made with top-quality polyester fabric with a PA coating, it is resistant to discoloration, UV, and heat. In addition, it guarantees excellent sun protection while allowing air to pass through. In addition, this blind is supplied with two posts adjustable in height from 2 to 3 m. It adapts to the majority of ceiling heights with dimensions of 200 x 270 cm. Finally, this blind is supplied as a kit. Nevertheless, assembly is easy. Note that it weighs 6.46 kg.

The semi-safe banished blind MCTECH

The banner blind is a horizontal blind with an articulated and foldable arm. It is one of the essential accessories for the layout of the balcony. Allowing you to enjoy the soft sunlight, it also protects you from rain. It is available in three versions: with trunk or integral, without trunk or monoblock, and semi-trunk. We have selected this Awning semi-chest MCTECH of dimensions of 300 x 250 cm for its robustness. Indeed, the fabric is made of polyester 280g /m² waterproof, non-deformable, and weather resistant. The arms are made of top-quality aluminum with steel ropes. In addition, this blind is equipped with a trunk protecting the engine and canvas in case of bad weather. On the other hand, the arms remain outside the trunk. Thus, they are accessible making maintenance easy. In addition, they are adjustable without the need to disassemble the blind. In addition, this device easily integrates into the balcony with its elegant design. It is reclining at an angle of 5° to 40°. Finally, delivered as a kit, it is supplied with the necessary assembly instructions and wall supports.

The Outsunny retractable roof pergola

The pergola is undoubtedly the most elegant sun protection. In addition, it is possible to grow climbing plants there to enhance it and give it a personalized and romantic style. We chose this Outsunny pergola for its contemporary design with its black and beige colors. In addition, it is ideal for building a shaded space on the balcony. Indeed, it has a large area with dimensions of 3 x 3 x 2.3 m. The roof is easily retractable by means of a strap. The structure is made of light epoxy metal, anticorrosion and robust for long-lasting use. Finally, this pergola comes with a high density 180g/m² UV-proof and waterproof polyester sliding roof canvas.

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