What breakfast should I have after a festive meal?

Christmas Eve and the excitement that accompanies it are coming to an end. Discover our detox ideas for a healthy breakfast the day after the holidays.

After a busy New Year’s Eve and perhaps marked by overeating, do not skip breakfast but favor healthy foods to keep fit and start the day on the right foot. Follow the guide!

Avoid fatty foods such as pain au chocolat, butter croissants, and pastries that are too heavy with puff pastry (these little pleasures can be consumed from time to time but it is better to avoid this choice after a meal as rich as that of New Year’s Eve). Instead, we advise you to favor wholemeal toast or cereal with a touch of butter or light jam. 

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Consume fresh fruit at will

To enjoy a vitamin breakfast, do not skip the fruits that contain the fiber, minerals, and nutrients necessary for the body and are a great source of antioxidants perfect for detoxification! You can prepare a small salad with the uneaten fruits of the day before or squeeze two beautiful juicy oranges. We guarantee you: nothing is more pleasant than a good fresh fruit juice to start the day! If you opt for this option, do not forget to keep the bark, useful for cooking other gourmet recipes.

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Prepare yourself a moisturizing drink

In summer as in winter, the body composed of 60% water needs to be well hydrated. To drink enough in the middle of winter, hot drinks are an ally of choice to enjoy without moderation at breakfast time and throughout the day. Discover your best herbal tea recipes to concoct after the holidays.

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Dare eggs or whole grains, sources of protein

Proteins strengthen the immune system and contribute to the renewal of the tissues that make up the skin, muscles, hair, and nails: good reasons not to deprive yourself of them! They are also very easy to find in the diet: eggs, dairy products, whole grains, and nuts (which also contain good fat). There is only the embarrassment of choice to enjoy it at breakfast! If you have time, we advise you to prepare a calf egg. Just dip it in a pot of boiling water and let it cook for 6 minutes (not one more). Then immerse it in a basin of cold water to stop cooking and peel it before tasting.

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