What Do You Usually Do On a Rainy Day? 10 Activities To Try

Instead of feeling trapped indoors, use the rain as a gentle reminder to do all of the things for yourself that you would otherwise put off or dismiss as unimportant. Allow the day to flow naturally, and take pleasure in the cleaning sensation that rain gives.

  1. Make a cup of tea: When it rains, the temperature lowers, so make yourself a good hot cup of tea to keep you warm. Slowly sip it and savor the moment.

2. Bake: Comfort food is another method to warm up the house and cheer oneself up. Choose a simple dish for which you already have all of the ingredients. Baking is also a great way to make your house smell lovely and welcoming. Who doesn’t like the aroma of freshly baked cookies or bread? Give your baked goodies to a buddy if you’re trying to lose weight.

3. Do your hobby: Whether you enjoy making models, playing the piano, knitting, or painting, a rainy day might be the ideal time to indulge in your hobbies. If you lose interest in a project, either start over or go on to something else.

4. Watch a childhood film: Pick one you haven’t seen in a long time. There’s a good chance there may be moments and discussions in the film that you missed when you were younger! Perhaps you had a different impression of the film. In any case, you’ll enjoy remembering why you liked it in the first place.

5. Listen to music: Put on music that best matches your current mood and let yourself get immersed by it. Allow your body to move to the music in fresh and spontaneous ways. You don’t have to listen to traditional dancing music to get moving! Allow yourself to be moved by the music in the way that seems most natural to you.

6. Take a bath in bubbles: Allow yourself to be pampered in a wonderful bubble bath. Light candles and add fragrant bubble bath. Relax by closing your eyes and listening to the rain. Allow any tightness in your body to go.

7. Snuggle up on the couch with a nice book: Pick up a book you’ve been meaning to read but haven’t had the opportunity to do so, or an old favorite. Avoid novels that you “have to” read in favor of those that you want to read. Curl up with your favorite blanket and let yourself get carried away by the words.

8. Come up with a sensory poetry: The range of noises that rain can produce is incredible. Splat, splat, splat, splat, splat, splat, splat, splat, s Consider how the rain you’re experiencing sounds and write a brief poem about it. Describe the rain’s fragrance, feel, sight, and taste to see if you can add more senses. Feel free to elaborate on your observations using your creativity.

9. Make a phone call to your friend: Nothing beats hearing a friend’s voice to brighten up a dreary day. Find out what’s new in each other’s life and just have a good time chatting. Make a call to someone who might be in need of a little additional support today. I’m sure you’ll both smile when you hang up the phone.

10. Make a collage out of your photo:. Make a tiny vision board on a stiff background with all of your old magazines that you don’t mind ripping up. This may be your ideal house in the future or how you are now feeling. Use both text and photos if you’d like.

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