What favorite poses of the stars in the photo say about their character

Expert Wday.ru, photo posing teacher Ekaterina Tsabinova analyzed the favorite poses of Hollywood celebrities in the photos and told how they reflect their personality. And what stellar manner of posing is similar to your own? 

Brilliant photos of celebrities invariably attract the eye. Of course, we love them for their beauty, fame, for the dream that they embody on the screen. But, as a teacher of photo posing, I admire their constant work on themselves.Stunning photos are obtained not only thanks to the beautiful face, technique and talent of the photographer. We like it when we see the image of a star through the picture. And they, in turn, consciously or not, seek to reveal their image and character with the help of posing.

Monica Bellucci

© frederic meylan / Contributor / Getty Images

A universally recognized sex symbol, an idea for many men. Monica is sexy, but not vulgar. She’s reserved and sophisticated. In the photo, she focuses on her face and hands.

© Patrick AVENTURIER / Contributor / Getty Images

© Jacopo Raule / Contributor / Getty Images

Hands have a lot to say about their mistress, and Monica always watches how they look in the frame. In her posing, she shows humility and inaccessibility at the same time. It’s understandable why it drove everyone crazy.

Angelina Jolie

Bold, unusual, bright rebel, who won the hearts of millions of people.

Old photos show that a beautiful young Jolie, at the beginning of her modeling path, did not know how to pose. Please note that everyone can learn how to get a photo! Even world stars are not born photogenic.

 © Harry Langdon / Contributor / Archive Photos / Getty Images

In adolescence, Jolie was bold and wayward, which is perfectly demonstrated in her posing. It used to be a trend. She was associated with levity, her potential was not fully revealed. Interesting fact: she was taken under the wing of the PR company bush, and then began the era of the Jolie that we know now.

Time passes, Angie has matured. She became more feminine and calm, traveled a lot around the world for charitable purposes.

© Stephen Shugerman / Stringer / Getty Images

And look at her pictures now — what do they radiate? CONFIDENCE! Her posture betrays it right away. She just stands in the frame but stretched like a string, and the face radiates calmness.

Jennifer Lawrence

 © Vera Anderson / Contributor / Getty Images

Sweet, kind, and nice. The soul of the company. In posing, she is very restrained and, remarkably, not at all graceful. Every successful photo for her is RA-BO-TA. Hands often give us out, and Jennifer, we can say, gives up with giblets: in their movements, there is awkwardness, stiffness, and inability.© Ben Hassett / Legion Media

© Ben Hassett / Legion Media

In the arsenal of the actress there are very few interesting poses. Among the photoshoots of the star, only loud advertising campaigns stand out, where, most likely, the director was present.

Cate Blanchett

© Jon Kopaloff / Contributor / FilmMagic / Getty Images
© Ronald Siemoneit / Contributor / Sygma / Getty Images

In her youth, Kate was shackled and insecure. In the photo, she hid her hands and tried to hide her femininity. But, as I said, working on yourself is the main feature of celebrities.

 © Art Streiber / Legion MediaNow we see a bright attractive woman who likes what she does. Moreover, Kate’s hands made the “star of the program” of her photoshoots. Hollywood beauties have revealed the secret of seduction: look at how delicate hands add charm.

Lady Gaga

© Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images
© Dia Dipasupil / Staff / FilmMagic / Getty Image

Wayward and daring, she does not take into account other people’s opinions and boldly expresses herself. This can be seen in her songs and in her photographs.

© Legion Media

On the other hand, we can see in some photos that Lady Gaga looks like a person who requires calmness and stability in life.

Charlize Theron

If you want to be inspired by the example of a confident woman, choose Charlize!

 © Art Streiber / Legion Media

An amazing actress who is not afraid of change and knows how to achieve her goals. She skillfully demonstrates her femininity, boldly appears in different images, and never hesitates, which is very important for women’s self-esteem.

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