What happens to our body when we hang in the phone

The negative consequences of not letting the smartphone out of your hands are more than you might think.

If these days you ask any person to name a thing without which he can not spend a day, nine times out of ten it will be a mobile phone. Thanks to new technologies, the phone is no longer just a way to communicate with friends. On the phone, we play, watch movies, read, shop. So every day most people spend more and more time looking at the mobile screen. Meanwhile, experts are sounding the alarm. There are many negative consequences of people being glued to their smartphones all day.

Eye strain

“Prolonged use of digital devices and exposure to screens can cause a very strong strain on the eyes,” says Dr. Howard Purcell, a member of the American Academy of Optometry. “Symptoms can be blurred vision, trouble concentrating, redness, fatigue or dry eyes, and headaches.”

If you’re going to focus on the screen for a long time, Dr. Purcell suggests trying the 20/20/20 rule. Its essence is to take a break for 20 seconds every 20 minutes and look at something that is at least six meters (20 feet) away.

sự tiến hóa của nhân loại hướng tới một thế giới siêu kết nối và dẫn đầu bởi các mạng xã hội. - hang in phone hình minh họa sẵn có

Neck pain

Usually, when we look at the mobile, we tilt our heads and hump our backs. According to doctors, one of the main problems faced by the most active smartphone users is a sprained neck.

A neck sprain associated with a mobile phone is so common that doctors even gave it its own name, “text neck.”

Lack of oxygen

According to the Cleveland Clinic, sitting in a bent position prevents the lungs from expanding, which reduces their capacity. Inhaling less oxygen means your heart needs to work harder to send more oxygen-carrying blood throughout the body, including the brain.

Wrist sprains

From the fact that you hold the phone in your hand for a long time (and this is not the most ergonomic posture), there is a compression of the carpal tunnel, as well as inflammation of the ligaments of the tendons.

“Text” thumb

This is another common injury seen in patients who spend too much time on the phone. Pain, discomfort, or numbness of the thumb can occur due to a constant set of text messages.© Getty Images

Sleep disturbance

Constant stay “in the phone” affects the level of melatonin and reduces its level. In addition, the bright light from the phone keeps the brain active, not allowing you to relax and calm down just before bedtime.


Due to the fact that people spend more and more time in the so-called “cyber world”, and less and less in the real world, the number of anxiety disorders increases. According to psychologists, as we constantly fill our minds with frightening news on the one hand and content from “ideal Instagram worlds” on the other, we become more and more unprotected.


Phone addiction can have a negative impact on self-esteem. When we see perfect pictures in other people’s social networks, we unwittingly begin to compare ourselves with them. And that comparison can lead to depression.


If you’ve ever heard a phone notification or felt a vibration, but when you picked it up, there were no new messages and notifications on it, then you are not alone. This is not madness, but a new phenomenon akin to hallucinations. Psychologists have called it “phantom vibration syndrome.” Recent studies have shown that about 10% of active smartphone users suffer from this.

chàng trai chụp ảnh tự sướng với em gái - glue on the smartphone hình ảnh sẵn có, bức ảnh & hình ảnh trả phí bản quyền một lần

Acquired ADHD

“Countless teenagers, for example, are now diagnosed with ADHD, although most of them don’t even have a neurological condition. It’s just that they are so accustomed to using smartphones and computers that they lose the ability to concentrate, concentrate, and be organized in those situations when it is necessary, “psychologists say.

By the way, ADHD happens in adults – it is naive to think that this is only a children’s problem.

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