What is the difference between Turkish women and Russians?

We are so similar to them but so different… After living in Turkey for several years, the author WDAY.ru found unexpected commonalities between Turkish women and Russians – and explained why we will never really understand each other.Turkish women

When I first flew to Turkey, I admired the beauty of Turkish women. After staying here for a year, I met many Turkish women and even made friends with some. And I constantly noted to myself how much we are alike, despite the differences in language, religion, and culture. However, having lived here for 6 years, I know for sure that there are still more differences than similarities between us. What is the difference between Turkish women and Russians?

“I’m uncomfortable right now, I’ve had some things to do”

I’m a teacher by training. I have been teaching foreign languages for more than 12 years. Perhaps it was my profession that left an imprint on how I perceive time and how I relate to it. I don’t like to linger and I don’t like it when my students are late for class because it’s a disrespect for another person. The same applies to my personal life – I always try to come on time to meetings with friends, colleagues, or new people. Naturally, we agree in advance on when and where we will meet. But my Turkish friends and girlfriends are often late or even inclined to cancel our meetings at the very last moment, coming up with a lot of excuses. Of course, there may always be an emergency, but for some reason, my Russian girlfriends have almost no such force majeure, but Turkish women have them every once in a while.

“Let’s meet right now?”

Another feature of Turks and Turkish women is the desire to meet exactly when they call you. That is, right now. They can also surprise you with their sudden appearance on your doorstep, without saying anything in advance. One day I came home after work and was already setting myself up for a quiet evening over a cup of tea and a book when my Turkish girlfriend called and asked me to meet right now because she needed to urgently tell me something important and could not wait for it. I had to postpone my plans for another evening.

“Did you hear that our boss…?”

Oh, and the Turkish women love to gossip! It does not matter about whom: about colleagues, about family members, about acquaintances – the main thing is that there is someone to discuss! This love of gossip is so great that at the university where I work, at a general meeting, our dean repeats the same thing every year: “Refrain from gossip.” We have a large team – about 100 teachers and 90% of them are Turkish. And this is only the faculty of English, and in fact, there are still German and French faculties, that is, a lot of material for discussion! When I heard our dean for the first time, I thought that he was joking, because I can’t imagine that at a university in Russia the dean of the faculty uttered such a phrase from year to year! But then I realized that this is not a joke, but the realities of life.Turkish women

“Buy me an apartment, a car and gold”

But it is also worth learning something from Turkish women. For example, they know their rights and know-how to defend them. If they are in a relationship, they quickly achieve the status of a legitimate wife, so as not to waste their time, and so that, in the event of a breakup, they do not stay at the broken trough. They know how to demand and receive their own. A friend of mine said: “If he wants to marry me, he must first buy me an apartment in a fashionable area, a car, gold, and only after that I will think.” And in Russia, someone still lives according to the proverb “with a cute paradise in a hut.”

“Cleanliness is the key to health, order is first of all”

Here it is immediately necessary to make a reservation: Russian women are very clean, in my environment many not only often and qualitatively clean, but also like to do it. But still, Turkish women clean more often, and sometimes their cleaning is simply surprising. For example, one of my good friends washes the floors like this: pours hot water into a bucket, but not just from the tap, but the one that boiled in the kettle, then pours 5 caps of different detergents there and, having mixed well, proceeds to wash the floors. In addition, in Turkey, you can often see how Turkish women wash windows or shake out carpets, pillowcases, and tablecloths. The houses are kept sterile clean.Turkish women

“I am the most charming and attractive”

Self-confidence among Turkish women sometimes goes through the roof. If a Russian hears criticism from her boyfriend in her address, she may think about how to correct this or that flaw. But the Turkish woman most often will not pay attention to this, telling her man that if he does not like something in her, let her find a better girl, and she is not going to change herself, because she loves the way she is.

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