What Is The Most Beautiful Places in Arizona?

The Great Canyons are, without a doubt, Arizona’s most enticing feature. It is not only Arizona’s most popular destination, but it is also one of the country’s largest. The magnificent vistas, carved wonderfully by the Colorado River, reflect nature’s artistic genius. Hikers from all over the world flock to see the canyons shine in a rainbow of hues at sunset.

Beyond the Grand Canyons, what’s next? Is the Grand Canyon the only location in Arizona worth visiting? Arizona is a traveler’s paradise since it is so much more than simply the canyon. Pack your bags and go to Arizona right after reading this article. We bet these destinations will satisfy your travel cravings!

  1. Beaver Falls in Havasu Creek
    Beaver Falls is known for being difficult to get, but once there, the scenery is breathtaking. They are the area’s sixth pair of falls, located immediately behind Mooney Falls.
    Some portions of the fall were once fifty feet tall, but the floods of 1910 devastated most of the region. You can see the marks surrounding the location that illustrate how high the water rose during the disaster.

2. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
Enjoy the finest of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area’s beautiful blue water, towering stone cliffs, and arid vistas. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, home to one of America’s largest artificial lakes, is a must-see for anybody interested in admiring the natural splendor beyond the Grand Canyon.

3. Havasu Creek
This 100-foot-high waterfall contributes to Arizona’s natural splendor. It is a significant tourist attraction, with dazzling streams cascading down from the red sandstones into the pearl blue pool. The region surrounding the waterfall is well worth exploring. The red stones are breathtaking.

4. Hunts Mesa, Monument Valley
Hunts Mesa is located in the monument valley’s south-eastern border. A visit to Hunts Mesa will provide you with panoramic views of the distant sandstone cliffs. The only way to get to the region is to go across the sand dunes to the north-east of Kayenta.

5. Lake Mead National Recreational Area
Lake Mead is a popular destination for leisure activities, with tourists able to spend their time fishing, boating, sightseeing, or enjoying a picnic. You will witness countless of creatures and plants that have adapted to the hot and dry climate while you are here.

6. Saguaro National park
The enormous Saguaro cactus is protected by the Saguaro National Park, which covers 91000 acres of Sonoran desert in Tucson. The Saguaro National Park is worth visiting not just for the magnificent cactuses, but also for the prehistoric monuments and unique animals. Aside from that, hikers and mountain bikers will enjoy the area.

The very mention of Arizona conjures up images of vast valleys. However, Arizona is much more than its breathtaking canyons. It is rich in natural beauty, old architecture, and incredible fauna. Visit Arizona to see the incredible and undiscovered beauty that exists in its natural state.

7. Montezuma Castle Near Camp Verde
The National Monument Montezuma Castle protects a collection of Ancestral Puebloan cliff houses occupied by the Sinagua people. Between 1100 and 1425 AD, the Sinagua people resided in the region. When you look at the castle, you’ll find that it has twenty rooms and is spread out across five stories.

8. White House Ruins at Canyon De Chelly
The Navajo Tribal Trust owns the White House at Canyon De Chelly. The region is only accessible by taking a guided tour with one of their businesses, but the vistas are spectacular, and the sandstone spire that rises 750 feet above the ground is worth the trip alone.

9. Jerome Arizona Ghost Town
Jerome is the United States’ largest ghost town! Miners began mining copper, silver, and gold from the region in 1876, and residences began to be constructed.

By 1920, the town had a population of around 15,000 people, and the residents were making a lot of money. The final mine closed in 1953, when copper prices were at rock bottom, and the village was desolate.

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